Top Franchise Models to Invest in During Pandemic Times

Top Franchise Models to Invest in During Pandemic Times


Top Franchise Models to Invest in During Pandemic Times


The business landscape has changed in significant ways here in Canada thanks to COVID. Frankly, in the franchise industry, business couldn’t be better as people race to find new paths to income or seek new ways to sink their roots into solid, recession-resistant industries. Franchise sales numbers still soar to record-breaking heights as innovation and convenience becomes the cornerstone of every business strategy. Upon examination of the most successful franchises we’ve worked with this year and throughout 2020, common threads emerge demonstrating what makes for the most resistant business ripe for growth.    

Service-Focused as the Heavy Hitter 

Service based businesses have always been an excellent choice from a financial standpoint. These offer low-overhead models and often require a lower-than-average up front investment. These types of franchise models are typically scalable as a franchisee’s resources are built — only equipment, a vehicle, and staffing need to be added as the demand increases. Not as a rule, but generally speaking, service based businesses may also be home-based, so our following two examples straddle the two.    
Home-focused services have proven recession-proof as people have more time at home and are getting an up close and personal look at their houses’ needs. Wet Paint, a service concept that resurfaces old outdated kitchen and bathroom cabinets with a professional painting process, is seeing incredible demand. This concept focuses on renewing the old, ultimately providing a much needed facelift to the abode without the added time and money that comes with new cabinetry. Another great example of a service-based business that has continued to do well is Royal Coating and Supply. This company performs a vast array of concrete and coating services. Such a service can make the entire outdoors area feel completely new!

Clean Sweep 

The hot topic of today is sanitization and cleaning. Almost all cleaning, sanitization, or disinfection businesses have seen soaring demand. This is both a B2B and B2C concept. There is no type of business that is barred from needing such services, making all markets an opportunity. More often than not, clients of such cleaning companies are recurring revenue for the franchisee. Once they have established a trusted, working relationship, clients will continue to utilize the services. Motivated House Cleaning is one such company that has greatly benefited during these unprecedented times. Cleaning companies allow for low upfront investment — cleaning supplies, a working vehicle, and a customer list are all that’s needed to begin. COVID has permanently shifted the cleaning services industry for the better, marking it as essential for many companies and facilities forevermore.    

Home Sweet Home 

There’s nothing quite like the convenience of working from home! Lower overhead costs and minimal staff are all a common vein that run through home-based businesses. BBQ Party in a Box is an amazing example of these convenient models. Everything is arranged at home and then the event takes place at a given event space. Since most of the preparation takes place away from the clients, social distancing is made easier.   Smiles on Wheels leverages a powerful high-demand concept in a convenient mobile model. This business travels by appointment to the customer — which can be their house, their workplace, or a parking lot — and expertly whitens teeth using a specialized whitening gel. As with BBQ Party in a Box, this concept only needs a vehicle and home office space to thrive. One more steady segment worth mentioning is our pets. Pets have become a part of our families and nothing has changed during COVID. Good Sniff Spaw, a concierge pet grooming service, is growing. Pet owners consider their pet’s grooming essential and have shown to lean heavier on brands that are convenient and limit person-to-person interaction. All of these are prime examples of home-based businesses that do not need a brick-and-mortar space to launch and will be a flexible addition to your schedule.    

The Age of Digital 

Reaching your clients in the virtual world was once optional — but not anymore. Patrons no longer pop over to a shop to make a quick purchase. Instead they search, scroll, and venture out seeking business models who can meet their personal needs quickly or their consumers’ expectations. More than ever, the advertising space is competitive and ads must be innovative to stay top-of-mind and get noticed. SMART TEK has been Canada’s leading interactive technology and media solutions since 2010. They provide digital signage in a suite of displays, keeping ahead of the times and perpetuating the economy through solidified informational communication and advertisements. NetPrintShip falls into this category as well as a one-stop shop for printing, shipping, and promotional needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment, both of these businesses are relevant and directly contribute to economic growth and sustainability through important B2B logistical and promotional solutions.
The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the franchise market for the better. Home based businesses, service-driven concepts, cleaning and disinfection companies, and technology-driven models are all viable options for your next franchise venture. Are you seeking an affordable franchise here in Canada? We can help! Do you want to franchise your business in Canada? Our team can do it!  

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Franchising Your Business During Coronavirus in Canada


Franchising Your Business During Coronavirus in Canada

As we approach the end of 2020, you may be wondering about franchising your business here in Canada. After all, our heads are still spinning from all that has unfolded in the past few months — shelter-in-place, toilet paper shortages, and a strange virus that we are still trying to understand — so is it truly the right time to franchise? We say yes! A light has begun to shine and grows ever-brighter in the wake of all that Coronavirus has presented to us.

The Candidate Pool

We could write an entire post on just the newfound mindset of potential franchisees. The market is ripe with opportunities for business owners looking to develop a franchise because individuals are open to it. As people have found themselves suddenly unemployed this year, their minds turn to alternative ways of bringing in income. People understand that they can be “the captain of their own ships”, so to speak, and be more in charge of the direction of their careers through purchasing a franchise. From an emotional standpoint, your potential candidates are more flexible in their thinking at They’re ready to take on something new that is more controlled by their own actions while being guided and coached by the experts.  

Digital Killed the Paper Star

Franchising your business has been made more simple due to our increased understanding of how to navigate the digital world. Mobile work environments are prevalent with software such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams – the list goes on and on. These tools not only make it easier for our franchisees to run their businesses more smoothly, but the awareness and higher usage of digital tools like these make the franchising process a bit more convenient. Yes, these softwares existed long before Coronavirus, however, the uptick in usability, accessibility, and acceptance within the professional world has made all markets more accessible. Even franchise trade shows have gone virtual, unleashing the direct, personal marketing of your franchise concept into a world that is not bound by geography!  

Do It With Help

At our development firm, Franchise Marketing Systems, we’ve seen record high sales for the past 3 months. These sales are not bound by industry! When franchising your business, do it with help. Recognizing the opportunities that this pandemic has presented — such as empty real estate with desperate landlords — or knowing how to price everything for the current market’s conditions, it all starts with franchise development wisdom. In the same way that franchising uses a proven model to best deliver results to the business owner, a proven development process with a dedicated team of experts behind you is essential. After all, a post-pandemic world is not the time to guess your way through business decisions. When you choose to make the first move in franchising your business in Canada (or anywhere for that matter), do it with help!

  We’ve gone through alot in 2020, yet we still stand strong. If you want to franchise your business this year in Canada, then our team here at Franchise Marketing Systems can help.

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Franchise Marketing Systems Provide An Expert Webinar At the First Ever Virtual Franchise Festival

Franchise Marketing Systems Canada is excited to take part in the first ever Virtual Franchise Festival taking place from May 8th to 10th 2020 (

2019 and the first quarter of 2020 have been Milestone times for Franchise Marketing Systems Canada. We are excited to say that we have signed on more new franchisors in last 18 months than in the 10-year history of the company in Canada.

Many of our clients will also be participating in this historic virtual Franchise Festival, with unique and truly Canadian franchise concepts. Everything from stunt driving school to beauty spas, real estate, home renovation and improvement, child daycare, hotels, mobile pet grooming and restaurants to name but a few.

We are also very proud to be doing an online webinar during the Virtual Franchise Festival, with the focus being “Everything you need to know to franchise your business and what comes after”. This 20-minute segment will be hosted by Shelley Berman and Scott McCarthy, who will give a comprehensive overview of what Franchise Marketing Systems Canada can provide to you with regard to their system – franchise development, digital lead generation, leads vetting and the full landscape of franchise marketing tools.

With so many changes that have taken place in the world over the last 6 to 8 weeks, many of us now ask ourselves if this will mean a change in career for us. This might be the optimal time for you to consider your options and be able to determine what you want do, how you like to work, who you would like work for, especially if you imagine yourself being your own boss. Franchise your business or become a franchisee.

There is no better opportunity than to go to the Virtual Franchise Festival and take a virtual tour of more than 300 different concepts. This may give you the inspiration you need to become a Franchisee owner, starting your own journey on your own terms and leaving your own legacy.

If you are a business owner and have always thought about franchising your business and imagine yourself having a chain across Canada or even North America, please visit our profile and connect with us. Franchise Marketing Systems are THE EXPERTS across North America in creating franchisors, having done is over 400 times in the last 10 years, and enabling over 4000 franchisees to have their own business.

Connect with us! We are very excited to share with you our process and the pathway to your future success.
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Franchise Marketing Systems Canada Tradeshows

Franchise Marketing Systems Canada Tradeshows

The Franchise Marketing Systems Canada team is exhibiting at a wide range of exhibitions and Canadian franchise shows in 2020.  The franchise tradeshow scene and opportunity in Canada is alive and thriving in many great markets throughout Canada.  Scott McCarthy and Shelley Berman, the Directors for Franchise Marketing Systems Canada will be in attendance and presenting at these shows and representing FMS Canada brands. 

Franchise Marketing Systems Canada Tradeshows:

Toronto Franchise Tradeshow – 1/11 and 1/12, 2020

Halifax, Nova Scotia Franchise Tradeshow – 2/8 and 2/09, 2020

Winnipeg, Manitoba Franchise Tradeshow – 3/7 and 3/8, 2020

London, Ontario Franchise Tradeshow – 3/28 and 3/29, 2020

Vancouver, British Columbia Franchise Tradeshow – 4/4 and 4/5, 2020


Scott McCarthy and Shelley Berman bring incredible experience to the franchise marketplace and offer great value to new and existing franchisors.  Mr. McCarthy has worked for McDonald’s Canada, Tim Horton’s, Medicine Shoppe, Pearl Vision and others as both a franchise executive and franchise investor.  Ms. Berman has an illustrious career in the industry with Colgate, Cara Foods, Mary Brown’s and others both throughout Canada and Globally.  

Franchise Marketing Systems Canada exhibits at these franchises shows for two purposes; To meet business owners who are considering franchising their business and to introduce the brands which the Franchise Marketing Systems team has brought to market in Canada.  This schedule represents the spring 2020 schedule for Franchise Marketing Systems Canada.     

Franchise Marketing Systems team in total is comprised of 26 franchise consultants across the U.S. and Canada and has representatives in 11 States and Ontario.  The firm was founded in 2009 by Chris Conner and has worked with almost 300 brands to support the franchise development process and in expanding brands through franchising.  For more information on the franchise expos taking place in Canada, contact us:

Scott McCarthy to Present at Toronto Franchise Expo

Scott McCarthy to Present at Toronto Franchise Expo

7/28/2019 – Toronto, ON.  Success means many different things to many different people, but one thing we can all agree on is that purpose drives success. Consider this: owning your own business can mean financial freedom and a renewed sense of purpose for your day to day life. Every business victory that you accomplish benefits you directly, thus providing more motivation to continue on in the adventure. Your success is an inspiration to yourself and with inspiration comes a positive outlook on your day’s work. Franchise Marketing Systems has just the answer for you: franchising! 

Coming to Toronto this fall is a wealth of information to guide you as you navigate the world of business ownership. Franchising offers a unique route within the business realm as it has proven operational practices, brand recognition, and accurate financial projections that gift each franchisee with a fully functional business package. The Franchise Expo, to be held on September 7th through the 8th, will showcase established, successful brands and give each expo attendee the opportunity to view their part-time and full-time business ownership opportunities all under one roof. Some past exhibitors include IHOP, Scotia Bank, Mr. Lube, Circle K, and Kumon, just to name a few. 

Scott McCarthy, Chris Conner, and Shelley Berman of Franchise Marketing Systems will be exhibiting this year. More than just business ventures presented in a no pressure environment, the Franchise Expo features several seminars that are packed with expert advice and insight into the world of business ownership. One of the featured speakers this year is Mr. McCarthy who will be presenting a workshop on How to Be a Successful Franchisee. Mr. McCarthy has extensive experience in the Canadian franchise landscape working with some of the most well-established brands in Canada and the United States. Other seminar topics will include How To Choose The Business For You, Legal Advice, Financing Options, Government Assistance Programs, and much more. The expo gifts attendees with education, wisdom, and face-to-face meetings all in one place.

The Franchise Expo is offering free admission via its website or $10 tickets at the door. It will be held at The International Centre, Hall 5, in Toronto September 7th and 8th. The hours are 

Saturday, 11am to 5pm and Sunday, 11am to 5pm. 

For more information on the Franchise Expo, visit their website at Franchise Marketing Systems is a franchise development firm with representation in Toronto, Ontario along with other North American offices and would love to give you a free consultation. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Smart Franchising Drives Results

Smart Franchising Drives Results


In working with so many emerging and new franchisors, every brand wants to grow nation-wide across Canada in a very short time period, scorched earth, world domination.  This is after all what makes entrepreneurs so entrepreneurial is that never-ending vision for greatness and a world without boundaries.  What happens so many times when the initial corporate unit, based in Halifax, sells the first franchised unit in British Columbia, is that the Franchisor realizes they have a tough time providing support and guidance that is relevant and keeps the franchise marketing system moving forward.  My explanation to a new Canadian franchisor in how opening a new franchise unit works is that you can look at your first few franchises much the same way you would opening a new corporate location.  It will take about the same amount of work, time and effort to open a franchised store as it would to open a company owned store.  The difference of course in franchising that the franchisee is making the investment, and that if you’ve chosen the right franchise candidate, that they will eventually pick up the ball and run with it using 10000 euros.  But by opening a location across Canada as the first unit, your odds of success as a new franchisor drop significantly.  The costs and logistics of providing the necessary value and support to that early franchisee are just too much for most to handle.  

Our recommendation, when launching a new franchise model, hold off on the scorched earth policy if not just for a moment.  Get your feet under you as a franchisor and get comfortable supporting, training and developing franchisees.  Once you have a few under your belt, you can push the envelope and go further with expansion planning.  What this typically means is that you should stay within your province to begin.  Start out with locations you can get to when needed, ideally within a day’s driving time round trip is a good benchmark.  Restoration 1 is a brand that in 2010, Chris Conner and Franchise Marketing Systems U.S. developed in the continental U.S.  In 2012, Restoration 1 Canada was born under the leadership of the Eric and Richard Simtob, two famously entrepreneurial brothers, who brought excellent experience to the network.  They developed over 20 units of the restoration franchise in Canada in a short time period and had almost all of them in Ontario before venturing out even to another province.  The results were astoundingly positive with strong unit validation and great training, support and leadership largely because the units were all in Ontario.  Today, Mr. Conner and the Simtob’s have sold the Restoration 1 Canada brand throughout Canada and have locations nation-wide, but this was only possible because of the focused launch of the brand and the resulting high-performing franchise units.  

Franchising a business is a bit of a simple equation in the end, which is part of why the model is so attractive and widely used possibly.  It boils down to doing two things well, one, selling your franchise, vision and credibility as a brand and two, delivering results for the people who bought into the system.  Selling and Validating are what separate the strong franchise systems from the weak ones.  The two are unique, but certainly tied together in that your ability to validate the franchise will be driven by who you sell to and where you sell your franchise.  Target market closer to home and your support, relationships and ultimately franchisee’s performance will benefit.  For more information on how to franchise your business in Canada, contact Franchise Marketing Systems:

Diversity and Entrepreneurship in Canada

Diversity and Entrepreneurship in Canada 

Toronto is generally considered the business hub of the Canadian economy and it presents on the most significant market opportunities for franchising in all of North America.  Some of the franchise expositions our firm has taken part in held in Toronto have consistently been some of the most well-attended expos.  What makes Ontario in particular so special and so different from the rest of the Canadian market is the advent of multi-culturalism and the incredible global population that makes up Toronto today. 


As of 2016, more than half of Toronto’s population identified themselves as being “visible minorities” having come to Canada from foreign lands.  With a statistical population number around 6 million people and being the 4th largest metro in North America, this is an incredible scenario.  The development of what has become Toronto has been driven largely by proactive global immigration policies and a government that reached throughout the world into communities and supported those that in most cases no one else wanted such as Syrian refugees.


Toronto has also been at the leading edge for much of North America when it comes to income growth, employment, innovation and wealth creation.  Wealth creation has been driven by all factors mentioned, but mostly by the ever-increasing real estate values of both commercial and residential properties in Toronto.  In February 2018, that average price per home reached $736,783.     


From a franchise industry perspective, this unique combination of factors creates great potential for franchising in the market.  First, due to the large concentration of immigrants, entrepreneurship is widely accepted.  People who immigrate many times either have no other option or just understand small business and effectively are comfortable taking action to start a new business or franchise.  Second, with growing global inputs, the Toronto market is an incredible representation of a wide range of cultures, business practices and global personalities.  The market bustles with unique brands, incredible foods and skills that come from around the world. 


We like the future of franchising in Toronto and suggest to any brand, if you aren’t here, you need to figure out how you can be. 


For more information on franchising in Toronto, contact us:


What You Need to Know About Doing Business in Canada

What You Need to Know About Doing Business in Canada

  If you’re based in Canada and considering starting a business or based outside of the country looking to do business in a foreign market, Canada is one of the top choices you should consider. According to Forbes, it is the second best country to do business in amongst the G20 countries. It has registered a steady economic growth in the past 10 years. Here are a few facts about doing business in Canada.
  • Small Business Ownership Small businesses are the backbone of Canada’s economy. 86% of exports in the country are from small businesses. They contribute 25% of the total value which amounts to about $70 billion a year. Most small businesses in Canada are either sole-proprietorships, limited liability companies or partnerships. However, there are many small businesses that operate under C Corporation. That is because taxes for corporations are much lower in than in the US. Additionally, the federal corporate tax is about 15% and this is reduced to 11% for the first $500,000 in taxable income.
  • Industry Segment Growth The fastest growing sector in Canada is the tech industry. Tech provides jobs for 864,000 Canadians which represents about 5% of the nation’s workforce. The ICT sector dominates the tech industry contributing to about 60% of the total output and providing 55% of jobs for those in tech. Agriculture is another big industry in Canada. The industry has grown thanks to the exports sent to the southern neighbor America. The agricultural sector accounts for 8% of the country’s GDP. Other thriving sectors in Canada include energy, services, and manufacturing.
  • State of the Economy and Employment 2017 has been a good year for Canada’s economy. Quarterly GDP figures show the country’s economy leading other G7 countries. The growth has led to a significant reduction in unemployment and an increase in the number of full-time jobs. The unemployment rate in 2017 fell to 6.2% which is below the 6.3 percent projected by experts. This is the lowest unemployment rate in a decade since the 2008 labor market downturn. More than 20,000 jobs have been created in the finance, transportation, real estate and insurance sectors.
  • Regulatory Framework If you want to start a business in a foreign country like Canada it is critical that you understand the regulatory framework. America and Canada have many similar legal and regulatory structures, but there are also key differences worth noting. One of the key differences is in legislative jurisdiction over matters of employment and labor. In America this falls under 3 levels; state, local, and federal. In Canada the jurisdiction for labor is either with the provincial or federal government. Many employers fall under the jurisdiction of the provincial authorities. Both the federal and provincial authorities have statutes that spell out minimum requirements for businesses regarding issues such as the minimum wage, working hours and overtime, statutory vacations, amongst others. Other than federal and provincial governments there are also regulations that you’ll need to adhere to set by the municipal authorities, industry associations and regulatory bodies. You’ll need to register your business in the province where your premises will be located. Canada is a stable country with a vibrant economy with many opportunities beckoning for entrepreneurs.

Franchising in Canada

The Canadian franchise market has expanded rapidly in recent years.  Much like the U.S. market, this growth has been fueled by a recovering economy since the global recession of 2009.  Today, Canada boasts over 1,000 franchise brands which have opened units in the country, over 1 million Canadians are employed by franchises and today the Canadian Franchise Association is as strong and relevant of an organization as it has ever been with 750 corporate members.  Additional factors that have supported exponential franchise growth in Canada come from a variety of factors including a massive amount of immigration, higher under-employment rates and the globalization of world economies bringing the power of brands closer and more accessible for Canadian consume Immigration has been widely supported by the Canadian government, allowing opportunities for individuals and families from far reaching parts of the world in a safe and friendly environment.  Canada has offered refuge to more people from in some cases controversial parts of the world.  Each year, Canada accepts another 250,000 immigrants and welcomes these new members of the society as key contributors to entrepreneurship, small business and overall growth of the country’s economic base. Underemployment has been on the rise in Canada as it has in the U.S.  More qualified people are accepting positions with lower pay rates and less meaningful employment opportunities for the job holder.  This transition took place after the recession where many of the countries’ largest employers looked to find ways to cut major expenses and find profitability again.  With underemployment in Canada, these candidates turn to franchising as a way to enter business ownership and start their own journey as an entrepreneur. The globalization effect is taking place everyone and absolutely can be seen throughout Canada.  People want brands they recognize and can relate to and franchising provides that vehicle where the consumer can have the consistency they want along with the brands they love literally from around the world.  The Canadian franchise market is as healthy today as it has ever been and looks to continue growth into the coming years.

Franchise Marketing and Sales in Canada

As a firm that provides franchise development services in both the United States and Canada, it doesn’t take long to realize how much of a difference there is between franchise development in the United States and Franchising in Canada.  Even with two cultures and business environments that have so many similarities, in franchise sales, you pick up on enormous differences in how people approach business and franchising after only a few interactions with potential franchise investors.

  • Canadian franchise law has similarities to the United States, but they ARE different and require Canadian legal counsel to affirm that the franchise is being offered according to Canadian franchise disclosure laws.  Each province has unique laws and regulations and Quebec requires documentation to be completed in French to adhere to the French Language laws for the province.  Long story short, make sure you have the correct and accurate disclosures in place before you present a franchise to a Canadian citizen.
  • Canadian brands have been on the rise in the recent 10 years.  In the early 2000’s and before that time, the most attractive franchise brands to Canadian investors tended to be American brands.  In the recent decade, there has been a marked change in trends where more and more Canadian franchise brands are taking market leadership positions and not only expanding throughout Canada, but also taking market share in the United States.  This means that American brands need to offer more value and a stronger value proposition to compete with local brands.
  • Canada uses a different currency than the U.S.  Be aware of the exchange rate and how this affects a transaction when crossing the U.S. – Canadian border.  Some U.S. franchises are offered in the Canadian markets without accounting for this and many times it makes an investment either attractive or not appealing just with the currency exchange rate.  At the time of this article, the U.S. dollar is worth about 1.30 Canadian dollars meaning that a franchise investment of $1 million U.S. would actually be a $1.3 million investment in Canadian dollars.
  • Canadian franchise buyers tend to be a bit more conservative than U.S. franchise investors.  The market requires that a slower, more methodical franchise presentation takes place before someone will make an investment.  A lot of time that bridge to trust and credibility is longer with Canadian franchise buyers is longer and requires an extra bit of investment in face time and meetings to help people feel confident that what you are saying is true.  This also means that in many cases, the Canadian franchise sales cycle is much longer than a U.S. franchise sales cycle.
  • Make sure your messaging, presentation and overall franchise value proposition specifically talks about the Canadian market.  In our experience presenting franchises to the Canadian markets, buyers are concerned whether a franchise or business system has taken into account the unique aspects of a Canadian operated business and whether the franchise will work in their province.  Do the research and planning so that you can address these questions and objections from Canadian franchise buyers.

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