Foxtail Coffee Franchise

The Foxtail Franchise was founded by Alex Tchekmeian and Iain Yeakle, childhood friends who had become entrepreneurs and together had a vision for changing the way people did coffee.  Foxtail Coffee Co. was born after years of thought, deliberation and research. 

The keys to success were offering great coffee, controlling the supply side of the business and roasting the coffee internally and delivering a customer experience that was unparalleled.  The Foxtail brand was launched in 2015 and put into action with the first operating locations in Winter Park, Florida.  The response was immediately well received and the first location warranted more company-owned Foxtail stores over the next few years, twelve more company locations were opened in the Orlando area.

The Foxtail Coffee model was put together with an eye for every customer touch point to maximize the customer experience in every way possible.  The brand was designed to be fun, and modern and represent premium quality coffee offerings.  The menu was created to incorporate a wide range of coffee products, high-end food service offerings and a focus on branded, innovative drink offerings. 

Store Design was designed to create the most impactful customer experience possible, the coffee is roasted by Foxtail, cold brew coffee is kegged locally and with the premium products while branded apparel and retail products are offered in a professional and classy retail format in every store.  The combination and end product have become the full package of what makes for an incredible coffee franchise that has covered all of the bases.

In 2019, after much deliberation, the decision to franchise the Foxtail brand was made.  It was impossible through company-owned growth to cover the market demand that Foxtail was being presented. 

Markets throughout Florida and across the U.S. were asking for Foxtail in their area and only so many company-owned locations could be opened in a short time period, as an alternative, Franchising the coffee brand could allow the business to scale quickly.  Together with Franchise Marketing Systems, the Foxtail franchise platform was put into motion.  Franchise Marketing System's team of expert franchise consultants began creating the business plans, developing the FDD and Franchise Agreements with franchise legal counsel, franchise operations and training manuals and franchise marketing tools to promote the Foxtail Franchise. 

Immediately following the franchise launch, the first franchisees signed on to join the Foxtail Family and open their store also in the Orlando market.  Today, the Foxtail Franchise brand is well positioned with a multi-unit coffee service franchise offering.  There is so much potential in the coffee category with enormous and growing demand ($80 Billion+ consumer spending in the U.S. alone) for high-quality products, Foxtail presents one of the most compelling coffee franchise brands the market has seen in decades.

For more information on how to franchise your coffee business, contact Franchise Marketing Systems.

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