Franchise Expansion is an exciting and effective way to scale and organization. If managed and executed properly, franchising can be one of the most powerful channels to grow a business and maintain brand equity. Owner operators create vested, local management, the infusion of new capital from franchisees drives growth and the proven franchise marketing channels allows for speed of growth.

Franchise Development in Canada is certainly a market that has seen growth, maturity and continued examples of the franchise structure proving its effectiveness in Canadian markets across the country. In Canada, more than ever before, the value and demand for brands and consistent service is prevalent and expanding. The expansion in franchising throughout Canada is widespread from industry types, consumer demand, unit counts and other metrics. More and more in Canada, franchising has expanded beyond just food service into accounting, business services, retail, automotive and virtually any business category one could think of.

Canadian franchise development process:

Strategic Planning – Canadian competitive overview, franchise structure development, proforma creation and effective expansion modeling for the Canadian markets are all part of the strategic planning process.
  • a.  Canadian Franchise Business Plan
  • b.  Franchise Market Research Report
  • c.  Franchise Structure Plan for Canada

Franchise Legal Disclosure and Agreements.

Franchising in Canada requires adherence to Canadian franchise laws and regulations. We require that you work with independent Canadian legal counsel in developing your franchise in Canada. FMS Canada will make recommendations for qualified franchise counsel. The majority of the provinces have franchise disclosure laws which need to be followed in order to sell a franchise in any of these respective markets:
  • a.  Alberta Franchises Act – Disclosures, Financial Statements required.
  • b.  Manitoba Franchise Act – similar to New Brunswick, Disclosure and Relational provisions.
  • c.  Ontario’s Arthur Wishart (Franchise Disclosure) Act, 2000 – similar to Alberta Act.
  • d.  New Brunswick – Disclosure and Mediation Requirements.
  • e.  Prince Edward Island’s Franchises Act – similar to Ontario franchise law.

Franchise Operations and Training Manuals.

Canadian franchising requires solid, consistent and structured franchise support documentation. Franchise Marketing Systems Canada will visit your site, review operational procedures and develop the necessary training programs to teach new franchisees how to manage the business and how to effectively duplicate the brand into a new market.

Franchise Marketing and Advertising.

FMS Canada will create the designs, presentations, PowerPoint, website and other materials use to market and sell the franchise.

For more information on how to franchise a business in Canada, contact us: [email protected]