• 1.  Consultation – FMS Canada will review your business to help you decide whether you are ready to franchise your business.
  • 2.  Analysis – FMS Canada will work with you to understand the market and create projections for growth and a competitive analysis as to where and how your franchise will fit into the Canadian franchise market.
  • 3.  Evaluation– FMS Canada will review and evaluate your business as a franchise.
  • 4.  Feasibility Study – FMS Canada consultants will review and develop a plan for your business and help determine how effective a franchise program might be for your brand.
  • 5.  Planning – FMS Canada will create the franchise business plan.
  • 6.  Legal – FMS Canada will work with Canadian legal counsel to create and finalize the required disclosures for your province and region you will focus on for growth.
  • 7.  Documentation – FMS Canada will create and develop the operations and training manuals needed to teach and train franchisees.
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  • 8.  Implementation – FMS Canada will market, sell and promote your franchise throughout Canada at loans 5000 pound loan.
  For more information on how to franchise a business in Canada, contact us: [email protected]