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Canadian franchises
The Canadian franchise market has expanded rapidly in recent years.  Much like the U.S. market, this growth has been fueled by a recovering economy since the global recession of 2009.  Today, Canada boasts over 1,000 franchise brands which have opened units in the country, over 1 million Canadians are employed by franchises and today the Canadian Franchise Association is as strong and relevant of an organization as it has ever been with 750 corporate members.  Additional factors that have supported exponential franchise growth in Canada come from a variety of factors including a massive amount of immigration, higher under-employment rates and the globalization of world economies bringing the power of brands closer and more accessible for Canadian consume Immigration has been widely supported by the Canadian government, allowing opportunities for individuals and families from far reaching parts of the world in a safe and friendly environment.  Canada has offered refuge to more people from in some cases controversial parts of the world.  Each year, Canada accepts another 250,000 immigrants and welcomes these new members of the society as key contributors to entrepreneurship, small business and overall growth of the country’s economic base. Underemployment has been on the rise in Canada as it has in the U.S.  More qualified people are accepting positions with lower pay rates and less meaningful employment opportunities for the job holder.  This transition took place after the recession where many of the countries’ largest employers looked to find ways to cut major expenses and find profitability again.  With underemployment in Canada, these candidates turn to franchising as a way to enter business ownership and start their own journey as an entrepreneur. The globalization effect is taking place everyone and absolutely can be seen throughout Canada.  People want brands they recognize and can relate to and franchising provides that vehicle where the consumer can have the consistency they want along with the brands they love literally from around the world.  The Canadian franchise market is as healthy today as it has ever been and looks to continue growth into the coming years.
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