Franchising Your Business During Coronavirus in Canada

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Franchising Your Business During Coronavirus in Canada

As we approach the end of 2020, you may be wondering about franchising your business here in Canada. After all, our heads are still spinning from all that has unfolded in the past few months — shelter-in-place, toilet paper shortages, and a strange virus that we are still trying to understand — so is it truly the right time to franchise? We say yes! A light has begun to shine and grows ever-brighter in the wake of all that Coronavirus has presented to us.

The Candidate Pool

We could write an entire post on just the newfound mindset of potential franchisees. The market is ripe with opportunities for business owners looking to develop a franchise because individuals are open to it. As people have found themselves suddenly unemployed this year, their minds turn to alternative ways of bringing in income. People understand that they can be “the captain of their own ships”, so to speak, and be more in charge of the direction of their careers through purchasing a franchise. From an emotional standpoint, your potential candidates are more flexible in their thinking at They’re ready to take on something new that is more controlled by their own actions while being guided and coached by the experts.  

Digital Killed the Paper Star

Franchising your business has been made more simple due to our increased understanding of how to navigate the digital world. Mobile work environments are prevalent with software such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams – the list goes on and on. These tools not only make it easier for our franchisees to run their businesses more smoothly, but the awareness and higher usage of digital tools like these make the franchising process a bit more convenient. Yes, these softwares existed long before Coronavirus, however, the uptick in usability, accessibility, and acceptance within the professional world has made all markets more accessible. Even franchise trade shows have gone virtual, unleashing the direct, personal marketing of your franchise concept into a world that is not bound by geography!  

Do It With Help

At our development firm, Franchise Marketing Systems, we’ve seen record high sales for the past 3 months. These sales are not bound by industry! When franchising your business, do it with help. Recognizing the opportunities that this pandemic has presented — such as empty real estate with desperate landlords — or knowing how to price everything for the current market’s conditions, it all starts with franchise development wisdom. In the same way that franchising uses a proven model to best deliver results to the business owner, a proven development process with a dedicated team of experts behind you is essential. After all, a post-pandemic world is not the time to guess your way through business decisions. When you choose to make the first move in franchising your business in Canada (or anywhere for that matter), do it with help!

  We’ve gone through alot in 2020, yet we still stand strong. If you want to franchise your business this year in Canada, then our team here at Franchise Marketing Systems can help.

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