Gutter Monkeys Franchise

The Gutter Monkeys Franchise was developed by Mr. Dennis Siggins and Mr. Andy Brennan, two college friends who recognized the opportunity in the gutter cleaning, maintenance, and installation market.  The industry niche had been essentially ignored by big brands and was fragmented, yet there was enormous demand and need for the services offered in this space. 

Mr. Brennan had a long career in the printing industry as an executive and Mr. Siggins had experience in the construction and advertising markets. Their combination of talent and experience seemed like the perfect platform to launch a business in the market segment.

In 2014, Gutter Monkeys was born and immediately the brand took hold in the Cape Cod, MA market. Great systems with a fun and engaging brand, and accountable, professional service not only caught people's attention but captured market share immediately.  Andy and Dennis recognized that there could be an opportunity to scale early on as people began coming to them looking for direction and support to help them get into business for themselves. 

In a short time, two new Gutter Monkeys territories were opened in Massachusetts and collectively the brand was getting traction in a big way.

In 2019, the firm decided to look into franchising the gutter cleaning and installation services business to grow into more markets and grow the brand further.  Gutter Monkeys chose to work with Franchise Marketing Systems to develop the franchise platform and create the Gutter Monkey franchise model.

Franchise Marketing Systems team worked closely with the leadership team to develop a win-win franchise structure that leveraged the company's core philosophies and the leadership team's genuine concern for helping people achieve financial independence through business ownership.  The franchise structure and financial model were created in a way where franchisees would have a reasonable initial investment to start their territory and great margins that would allow for a strong ROI.

Franchise Marketing Systems worked with third-party franchise lawyers to develop the FDD, Franchise Agreements and documentation needed to legally present the Gutter Monkeys franchise system.  The focus was to start locally and develop the brand in the Northeastern United States and then scale outward.  There was an enormous focus on the quality of the relationships, having a tightly managed and dedicated support structure in order to maximize opportunity and validation with early Gutter Monkey Franchisees.

Then the Franchise Marketing Systems team worked with the Gutter Monkeys group to develop the operations, training and management systems needed to teach new franchise owners how to manage the business and operate successfully.  The franchise operations manuals were developed and training programs to use as the foundation for these franchise training programs.

Today, the Gutter Monkeys franchise is being promoted throughout the U.S. and offers an incredibly powerful and effective franchise offering.  A great brand, strong systems and a leadership team that is dedicated to sustainable, scaled growth through franchising make the Gutter Monkeys franchise positioned well for growth.   For more information on how to franchise your Gutter Cleaning and Installation brand, contact us.

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