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Intelliturf Franchise offers a profitable, low-investment synthetic grass franchise to sell to commercial and residential clients. The artificial turf business originally started with a line of products and materials that were generally not very appealing or good looking alternatives to real grass making the presentation to homeowners virtually impossible to sell. 

As the technology evolved and improved, so too did the durability, look, feel and presentation of artificial turf products making the solution more widely amenable to residential and commercial tastes.

The result had been an enormous increase in the use and spending within the artificial turf market.  With this growth, came the need for professional, consistent and specialized service providers.  Intelliturf was born into the market in 2002 from the vision of Mr. Stan Pennington whose original passion was focused on the game of golf.  His products could be used effectively to create golf greens for recreational use which turned into a successful small business in a short time.

It didn’t take long for Stan to recognize the real opportunity in providing larger scale products for residential and commercial clients. In 2006, Intelliturf turned to franchising to expand and grow the concept into new markets.

The Turf industry in recent years has grown enormously. 

What drove Intelliturf to franchise the business model was a clear opportunity that the market was presenting with too much demand for products and services than Intelliturf corporate could provide through only company-owned resources.  The franchise model offered great value for a reasonal investment range as franchisees would operate home based businesses and travel to customers in their respective markets.

The marketing and lead generation model was largely driven by SEO and organic traffic, but also through specially designed PPC campaigns focusing on residential and commercial clients interested in artificial turf installations for their property.  In 2011, Intelliturf turned to Franchise Marketing Systems to support the growth and development of the model.

Franchise Marketing Systems team of consultants worked with Intelliturf to redesign the franchise model and revamp the value proposition to prospective franchisees.  In effect, the Intelliturf model was not a construction or landscaping model, it was sales, marketing, distribution business and needed to be presented this way to attract the right buyers.

The sales process, franchise buyer qualifications and franchise sales funnel were re-engineered to focus on a new buyer in new markets.  The franchise fee structure and overall strategy for recruitment switched gears to recruit white collar professionals who saw the opportunity in this amazing market segment. 

Franchise Marketing Systems team of consultants worked with Intelliturf to manage and execute the franchise recruitment model throughout the United States and over a two year time period, the system was able to grow to nation-wide coverage with 11 new franchise territories opened. 

As the system expanded, so too did the need for more time and focus from the company’s founder, Stan Pennington, and the right opportunity arose to sell off the corporate location of the brand in Atlanta, GA to a new franchisee.  With this complete transition from operator to strategic leader, Mr. Pennington was then able to sell his corporate business, focus entirely on the franchise system and growing the overall Intelliturf brand and drive the business forward.

Today, Intelliturf is uniquely positioned in this market to carry forward a leadership position in the artificial turf industry as the market segment becomes ever more relevant to today’s consumer.

In 2016, Franchise Marketing Systems supported Mr. Pennington in franchising a new business model in WECANSHADEIT, a brand that had many similar characteristics to the Intelliturf model, but provided unique, affordable shade solutions to commercial and residential clients.

Franchise Marketing Systems worked with the new franchise brand and developed the franchise business plans, operations manuals, franchise brochures and overall franchise development strategy.  What is exciting about a dual-brand franchisor is the opportunity to scale using the same infrastructure that was developed in the original franchise expansion model. 

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