International Franchise Growth: Building Brands Around the World

AVA Creative, the latest professional services brand from the Middle East has just launched a franchise model offered to professionals interested in building a business in the growing architectural and interior design market space.  This segment creates an opportunity for not only the professional in that with the AVA franchise model they are able to start a new business with a low initial investment while leveraging a team of highly skilled architects, but also the AVA Brand and ability to attract larger national brands in need of professional architectural services.  

AVA has worked with large brands in the past including NIKE, ADDIDAS, BENNETTON and a wide variety of other global brands, but the franchise model will allow for a stronger, more consistent presentation to larger companies needing AVA’s professional services.

AVA Creative provides architectural design, implementation and creative services in addition to interior design work.  The firm is based in Cairo Egypt and boasts over 30 staff architects who bring Egyptian architectural talent to projects around the world, after all, they did build the Pyramids.  The AVA tagline is “Creativity Beyond Imagination” and you feel it in every project produced by the organization.  

Offices look futuristic, posh and exciting, retail spaces have a unique design in every case, and not one of the pieces of work produced by AVA would be described as “typical”.  The team is rounded out with a solid management group bringing leadership, vision and expertise to the architects and designers.  There is an energy about AVA that you don’t feel in every company, a sense of empowerment and excitement around the work that is produced there.  

The Franchise Platform for AVA was developed out of a vision for more market share in developing markets, but the need for AVA’s service is everywhere around the world.  The issue quickly started to become too much time on planes….it wasn’t capital, it wasn’t a lack of energy for more growth, quite simply AVA needed dedicated people in other countries to deliver the message.  

Christopher Conner with Franchise Marketing Systems was brought to AVA from the U.S. to support the global franchise expansion beginning with marketing the brand in the Middle East and Africa.  Mr. Conner started the consulting firm in 2009 and has been a part of almost 2000 franchise transactions since the company’s opening.

Franchise Marketing Systems is a full-service franchise development and sales organization focused on developing franchise brands and supporting the sale of units one through fifty in most cases.  

The AVA Creative Franchise will be available to a wide range of candidates and professionals including, but not limited to people with a background in architecture.  When asked who this would be a fit for, the company’s founder, Mohamed Shokri responded, “Any professional, anyone who is motivated and wants to join a growing brand, we are attracted to people with energy and optimism….we can teach them everything else.”

For more information on the AVA Creative Franchise, Visit here.

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