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Achieving that fresh, just-cleaned look for your car amidst the bustle of the day can seem impossible for most consumers in today's fast paced lives. Emmet O'Brien recognized this and having spent years in the automotive industry as a professional racer, he had a passion for services that focused on the automotive market.  No-H20 brought a truly remarkable, convenient, and innovative solution to the car wash industry, offering waterless cleaning that is delivered in a convenient and technology-driven service platform.  

No-H20 started in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland and quickly expanded throughout the country. The No-H2O concept was remarkable for several reasons, first was the product used to clean was revolutionary in that it allowed for waterless car cleaning and also that it polished and protected the paint after washing.  The second element that differentiated No-H2O was the innovative, edgy and effective marketing that drove in customer traffic and created customer traffic.  And finally, No-H2O invested heavily in technology that allowed for customers to have on-demand car washes come to their home, place of work or wherever they choose to have a detailer visit them.  The technology mirrors that of DoorDash, Uber, Lyft, Instacart and others which have revolutionized their respective industries. 

The No-H20 On-Demand concept is what changed the business model and opened up the opportunity for scale.  As more customers wanted access to this technology and the convenience No-H2O could offer.  With this quickly expanding business, came the immediate and apparent potential for scaling the brand as a franchise.  In order to capitalize on this opportunity, the car wash brand hired Franchise Marketing Systems to support the U.S. and International Franchise expansion efforts.      

Franchise Marketing Systems worked with the leadership of No-H2O to develop a franchise system that included master franchise growth along with unit growth.  Franchisees would go to market in both the fixed location car wash franchise model and the mobile, on-demand franchise platform.  The combination of offerings, powerful technology and unique brand proved to be immediately compelling to investors in markets throughout Europe, the Middle East and the United States.  No-H20 now boasts 53 franchises in operation between the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Middle East and Europe.

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