Smash My Trash Franchise

Smash My Trash is an innovative, market-disrupting service platform created by business professionals who recognized the opportunity to change the way the waste removal industry was operating and in the meantime build a high-margin and scalable business platform. 

The model was originally developed as a corporate operation in Houston, Texas where essentially, the technology was implemented to "Smash Trash" in commercial dumpsters and trash containers allowing for more trash and waste to be stored or transported in the same containers. 

The corporate business was started in 2015 and quickly grew to several operating trucks using the Smash Trash technology.  Possibly one of the most exciting elements of the model was the sheer visual impact the equipment had on customers and people first experiencing the technology. 

The system had a long arm with a teeth-laden roller which literally crushes the garbage in the container.  It looked like something out of an action movie and had great results for the customer in savings financially and economically.  

As the Smash My Trash business grew, so too did interest in other markets as people became aware of what the Smash System could do and how effective the platform was proving to be in Houston.  In 2018, Smash My Trash hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop a model that would allow the concept to scale into new markets under the ownership of franchisees who could fund, execute and manage the businesses locally. 

One of the difficult decisions to make was whether to continue opening company-owned trucks and territories as the model was tremendously successful and why not "keep" all of the profits from this high-margin business for the corporate entity?  What became apparent was that even though there was a strong case for company-owned growth, the capital investment required to open new markets and even more so, the attention needed to provide excellent customer service really needed owner-operators to manage the business. 

In mid-2018, the Smash My Trash franchise system was initiated.  

Stash My Trash
Stash My Trash

Franchise Marketing Systems team of expert franchise consultants worked with the model to develop a franchise business plan, develop a market profile, a buyer profile and a go-to-market plan for the innovative franchise system. 

Legal documentation and necessary franchise registrations were completed by franchise legal counsel.  Franchise Marketing Systems developed the franchise operations manuals, training programs and marketing collateral used to present the offering along with the sales process and documentation to execute franchise sales.

Franchise Marketing Systems team of franchise developers then marketed, sold and promoted the brand as a new, cutting edge franchise offering.  In the first six months of offering, the first few franchises were sold and the market interest was spiking.  It was evident that not only was the Smash My Trash technology increasingly interesting to the customer, but also to the franchise investor.

By early 2020, the system had exceeded 306 franchises sold and was on a growth curve that was almost unparalleled.  Today, Smash My Trash has established a nationwide franchise network and is positioned for continued growth in the waste removal industry.  

For more information on how to franchise your waste removal franchise, contact us here.

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