Snoopit Imports License

Snoopit Imports specializes in importing products factory direct from China for US-based companies. We have relationships with hundreds of Chinese factories for virtually any product made in China covering a wide variety of industries.

Snoopit typically saves its Customers 30% to 40% by purchasing directly from a factory in China, even if they are currently paying what is considered a low wholesale price now. It is nearly impossible for our Customers to match our prices if they are purchasing in the US. With Snoopit Imports vast network of Chinese Manufacturers, large quantities are no longer a barrier when purchasing directly from China.

We at FMS help our Customers reduce costs and gain a competitive price advantage without dealing with the complexities of off-shore procurement. Snoopit employs Chinese personnel in China for the procurement side of our business which ensures the best price and quality for our customers.

Why Is This Right For You?

Snoopit Imports, Inc. offers an EXCLUSIVE business opportunity with huge residual income potential. As an Import Business Owner with Snoopit Imports you have the ability to generate the income levels you have always dreamed of achieving with only a small capital investment by helping companies in your local territory significantly reduce costs.

We will show you step by step how to reach small, medium & large companies to identify these incredible cost reduction opportunities in your local market. Once an opportunity to help a local company save significant dollars on a product they currently purchase or manufacture is identified, Snoopit Imports will use its network of Manufacturers in China to either purchase or custom manufacture the product directly.

The majority of the time Snoopit Imports will save the Customer 30% to 40% or more of their current costs to purchase or manufacture in the US. As an Exclusive Import Business Owner of Snoopit Imports, you will share in the profits 50% - 50% with Snoopit Imports. Production outsourcing works because it is a win-win relationship.

What Is The Income Potential?

The income potential from manufacturing and product sourcing is exponential. It is not uncommon to attract Customers which could result in a Six Figure Income in a single year. Snoopit is the gateway to both upfront and residual income. Once a customer begins to use your Business Ownerage service to source their products, they often reorder on a regular basis.

I Don't Know Anything About Outsourcing. How Can I Be Effective?

This is the very reason it will be so easy for you to profit. Most people are aware of cost savings from outsourcing, but they do not want to take the risk of dealing with a Chinese manufacturer without help. Snoopit eliminates all the hassle and risk for the Customer. The benefit is that Customers get a better price, while still having peace of mind. We take care of all the manufacturing, pricing, shipping, and payment issues. All you have to do is generate new customers which we will show you step by step how to obtain. Professional sales Business Owners always suggest that the first thing a salesman should do to get a sale is to have a product or service that is easy to sell. Snoopit Imports provides extensive training on how to obtain customers. This includes a Training Manual & ongoing email and phone support.

How will I market to companies in my territory?

Snoopit Imports will show you step by step how to market your Import Business Owner services effectively in your local market and assist you in the process. Bottom line, Snoopit Imports is only successful if you are successful as a Business Owner. Since Snoopit's services are primarily business-to-business, your marketing efforts will be targeted at local companies in your territory. Here are a few examples of how Snoopit’s marketing programs will assist you in developing your business and building your client base.

For more information on the Snoopit License, contact us for more information:

800-610-0292 / [email protected]

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