The Importance of Franchise Sales Knowledge for Franchisors

Harry Truman said: “The Buck Stops Here”.  In franchising the: “Buck Starts Here” that’s having a thorough and complete understanding of the sales process.  Harry was right and franchisors need to take heed to his words.   If a franchisor wants to expand through franchising, he has to accept full responsibility for the success of the sales effort.

Franchise Sales are very repeatable sales, and have very distinctive stages.   While there are lots of skills, and tasks needed to complete a deal, it’s important to understand the sales stages.

It is important to know the stages of the sales:

All the great franchises have a GREAT franchisor that can sell.  Whether a franchisor is driving an internal sales team, using outsourced sales or a broker network, it is important that the franchisor needs to direct the effort and be accountable for results.

Take the time to learn about franchises sales.  All great companies are led by Sales Leaders, as a matter of fact, 95% of the Fortune 500 are led by a strong Sales Leader. If you are not a great salesman, you can direct the sales.  Understanding sales can help you acquire talent and skills.

If you want “Bucks” then you need to sell!