Top Franchise Models to Invest in During Pandemic Times

Top Franchise Models to Invest in During Pandemic Times


Top Franchise Models to Invest in During Pandemic Times


The business landscape has changed in significant ways here in Canada thanks to COVID. Frankly, in the franchise industry, business couldn’t be better as people race to find new paths to income or seek new ways to sink their roots into solid, recession-resistant industries. Franchise sales numbers still soar to record-breaking heights as innovation and convenience becomes the cornerstone of every business strategy. Upon examination of the most successful franchises we’ve worked with this year and throughout 2020, common threads emerge demonstrating what makes for the most resistant business ripe for growth.    

Service-Focused as the Heavy Hitter 

Service based businesses have always been an excellent choice from a financial standpoint. These offer low-overhead models and often require a lower-than-average up front investment. These types of franchise models are typically scalable as a franchisee’s resources are built — only equipment, a vehicle, and staffing need to be added as the demand increases. Not as a rule, but generally speaking, service based businesses may also be home-based, so our following two examples straddle the two.    
Home-focused services have proven recession-proof as people have more time at home and are getting an up close and personal look at their houses’ needs. Wet Paint, a service concept that resurfaces old outdated kitchen and bathroom cabinets with a professional painting process, is seeing incredible demand. This concept focuses on renewing the old, ultimately providing a much needed facelift to the abode without the added time and money that comes with new cabinetry. Another great example of a service-based business that has continued to do well is Royal Coating and Supply. This company performs a vast array of concrete and coating services. Such a service can make the entire outdoors area feel completely new!

Clean Sweep 

The hot topic of today is sanitization and cleaning. Almost all cleaning, sanitization, or disinfection businesses have seen soaring demand. This is both a B2B and B2C concept. There is no type of business that is barred from needing such services, making all markets an opportunity. More often than not, clients of such cleaning companies are recurring revenue for the franchisee. Once they have established a trusted, working relationship, clients will continue to utilize the services. Motivated House Cleaning is one such company that has greatly benefited during these unprecedented times. Cleaning companies allow for low upfront investment — cleaning supplies, a working vehicle, and a customer list are all that’s needed to begin. COVID has permanently shifted the cleaning services industry for the better, marking it as essential for many companies and facilities forevermore.    

Home Sweet Home 

There’s nothing quite like the convenience of working from home! Lower overhead costs and minimal staff are all a common vein that run through home-based businesses. BBQ Party in a Box is an amazing example of these convenient models. Everything is arranged at home and then the event takes place at a given event space. Since most of the preparation takes place away from the clients, social distancing is made easier.   Smiles on Wheels leverages a powerful high-demand concept in a convenient mobile model. This business travels by appointment to the customer — which can be their house, their workplace, or a parking lot — and expertly whitens teeth using a specialized whitening gel. As with BBQ Party in a Box, this concept only needs a vehicle and home office space to thrive. One more steady segment worth mentioning is our pets. Pets have become a part of our families and nothing has changed during COVID. Good Sniff Spaw, a concierge pet grooming service, is growing. Pet owners consider their pet’s grooming essential and have shown to lean heavier on brands that are convenient and limit person-to-person interaction. All of these are prime examples of home-based businesses that do not need a brick-and-mortar space to launch and will be a flexible addition to your schedule.    

The Age of Digital 

Reaching your clients in the virtual world was once optional — but not anymore. Patrons no longer pop over to a shop to make a quick purchase. Instead they search, scroll, and venture out seeking business models who can meet their personal needs quickly or their consumers’ expectations. More than ever, the advertising space is competitive and ads must be innovative to stay top-of-mind and get noticed. SMART TEK has been Canada’s leading interactive technology and media solutions since 2010. They provide digital signage in a suite of displays, keeping ahead of the times and perpetuating the economy through solidified informational communication and advertisements. NetPrintShip falls into this category as well as a one-stop shop for printing, shipping, and promotional needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment, both of these businesses are relevant and directly contribute to economic growth and sustainability through important B2B logistical and promotional solutions.
The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the franchise market for the better. Home based businesses, service-driven concepts, cleaning and disinfection companies, and technology-driven models are all viable options for your next franchise venture. Are you seeking an affordable franchise here in Canada? We can help! Do you want to franchise your business in Canada? Our team can do it!  

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Scott McCarthy to Present at Toronto Franchise Expo

Scott McCarthy to Present at Toronto Franchise Expo

7/28/2019 – Toronto, ON.  Success means many different things to many different people, but one thing we can all agree on is that purpose drives success. Consider this: owning your own business can mean financial freedom and a renewed sense of purpose for your day to day life. Every business victory that you accomplish benefits you directly, thus providing more motivation to continue on in the adventure. Your success is an inspiration to yourself and with inspiration comes a positive outlook on your day’s work. Franchise Marketing Systems has just the answer for you: franchising! 

Coming to Toronto this fall is a wealth of information to guide you as you navigate the world of business ownership. Franchising offers a unique route within the business realm as it has proven operational practices, brand recognition, and accurate financial projections that gift each franchisee with a fully functional business package. The Franchise Expo, to be held on September 7th through the 8th, will showcase established, successful brands and give each expo attendee the opportunity to view their part-time and full-time business ownership opportunities all under one roof. Some past exhibitors include IHOP, Scotia Bank, Mr. Lube, Circle K, and Kumon, just to name a few. 

Scott McCarthy, Chris Conner, and Shelley Berman of Franchise Marketing Systems will be exhibiting this year. More than just business ventures presented in a no pressure environment, the Franchise Expo features several seminars that are packed with expert advice and insight into the world of business ownership. One of the featured speakers this year is Mr. McCarthy who will be presenting a workshop on How to Be a Successful Franchisee. Mr. McCarthy has extensive experience in the Canadian franchise landscape working with some of the most well-established brands in Canada and the United States. Other seminar topics will include How To Choose The Business For You, Legal Advice, Financing Options, Government Assistance Programs, and much more. The expo gifts attendees with education, wisdom, and face-to-face meetings all in one place.

The Franchise Expo is offering free admission via its website or $10 tickets at the door. It will be held at The International Centre, Hall 5, in Toronto September 7th and 8th. The hours are 

Saturday, 11am to 5pm and Sunday, 11am to 5pm. 

For more information on the Franchise Expo, visit their website at Franchise Marketing Systems is a franchise development firm with representation in Toronto, Ontario along with other North American offices and would love to give you a free consultation. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.