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Welcome to FMS Canada, where we can accelerate your growth and take your business to the next level. As a leading franchise consulting firm, we have expert franchise consultants ready to assist with finding the most cost-effective franchise opportunities in North America.

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FMS Franchise Canada
FMS Franchise Canada


Top Franchise Development Consultants in Canada Since 2008

With a team of over 35 franchise experts across Canada and the USA, we bring our expertise of hands-on experience as both franchisees and franchisors to our clients.

Our dedicated franchise consultants has decades of experience as executives of well-known Canadian brands, multinational companies, and have also worked to develop and grow many large, well-known franchises.

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A Full-Service Franchise Consulting Firm..

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Sold Over

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Do you want to start franchising?


Do You Have An Established
Franchise You Are Ready To Take To The Next Level?

We work with emerging and established businesses and franchises to provide both development, and expansion services that put your franchise on the map. Whether you are concerned with how to recruit the right franchisees or how to streamline your business operations for scalability, trust the expertise of FMS Franchise Canada!

We Are Franchising Experts with a Big Experience!

At FMS Canada, our team has over 60+ combined years of hands-on experience in franchising. Our team has worked directly to build many big brands in the franchise world - in both the franchisee and franchisor roles.

We also have extensive experience as Marketing and Operations Executives of global companies and large North American entities. In addition to the following companies, we have worked extensively with MARS, a global brand superpower that has successfully developed and launched many highly-recognizable brands.
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Our Franchisee Experience

Tim Hortons

over 18+ years


Top Brands FMS Canada Has Worked With..

We also have extensive experience as Marketing and Operations Executives of global companies and large North American entities. In addition working with these companies, we have worked extensively with global brands and have successfully developed and launched many highly-recognizable brands across the globe.

A Full-Service Franchise Team Ready to Develop and Grow Your Franchise with You!

Learn how can we help you Franchise.

A Full-Service Franchise Company in Canada

Growing Businesses with Franchise Consultants for Over 14 Years

Are you just getting started and eager to embark on the franchise journey? Are you looking to expand your existing franchise? Either way, our franchise consultants have the experience and resources you want!
We offer the support and consultation services you need to develop your current business and grow your franchise into a successful empire! Either way, we are here to help your business thrive.
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Top Franchise Consultants in Canada

Best Franchise Development Services

Our franchising experts work with you to define the best franchise model for your business. As you first set out to develop your franchise, you want our experience and resources to equip you with the fundamentals for effective growth.

We have a 4 -stage, 4-month process that optimizes our time spent together to provide you with measurable results and the outcome you desire. We know you are busy and eager, and we want to get your franchise ready to open in four months time.


Strategic Business Plan

We provide you with a strategic business plan that sets the baseline for all of your key metrics - from franchise fees to royalty rates, advertising fund contributions and local advertising fund commitments We do the competitive industry research to make sure you are on point, and we provide guidelines for territories and non-compete clauses.


Operations Manual

Our Ops experts will formulate a detailed Operations Manual to ensure that each and every franchisee replicates your business just like you have it in place now - consistency is the name of the game.


Legal Documents (FDD and FA)

Our team will give you legal guidance to ensure that your business meets all necessary requirements to get started on the right track and meets any provincial or Federal requirements.


Franchise Marketing Tools

We will develop a unique set of franchise marketing materials for you, that will enable you to confidently promote your franchise offering and recruit quality Franchisee candidates.


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Our Franchise Expansion Services

Once you have chosen that franchising is right for you, the real work begins. Our full-service franchise experts are here to take the ride with you - and steer you in the right direction.
At FMS Canada, we offer all franchise-related services and materials that facilitate each step of the way. From recruiting your first franchisee to scaling your operations to growing your franchise globally, we can do it all.

You may already have a franchise business, or you might be ready to really grow your business and expand quickly. This is where we come in. With the help of our franchise experts, we can work to lay the framework for successful expansion to grow your business with the right recruits and resources in place.

We have worked across a multitude of industries including:

Health & Beauty
Kids & Education
Food & Baverages
Real Estate
Home Franchises
Health Care

Brands We Have Franchised

Tim Hortons
















We are a team of franchising professionals that provide solutions for development, consultation, and expansion of businesses.

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