Franchising FAQs

What Types of Businesses Can Franchise?

The franchise industry is so widespread that virtually any industry segment could consider the franchise development route. FMS Canada has worked with service models, retail, food, sales, education, healthcare and others.

Why Should I Franchise My business?

Businesses franchise their brand for a number of reasons: to raise capital which funds the growth of the brand through franchise investment, to recruit vested owner operators and to speed up growth of the model into new markets.

What will my life be like if I Franchise My Business?

You will become more of a coach, teacher and mentor as a franchisor and get away from the operations side of your business. When you franchise, you begin leveraging your knowledge, experience and expertise to others. It is more than just you working in the business. Your role will be to help franchise owners improve their business, follow the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) necessary to operate within your franchise, and find ways to grow the system.

I am already a franchisor but I need help with Operations and Marketing, branding, sales and lead generation – who do I go to?

FMS Canada can help you with all of these. We are a full-service franchise firm that works to meet the needs of our clients, and we can certainly assist both developing or existing franchise organizations improve their growth trajectory.
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