10 Great Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Franchisees

Americans celebrate Veteran's Day in the USA.  There are a lot of deserved tributes to veterans, wounded warriors and lost heroes.  Much will be written about their contributions, sacrifices and why we respect their military service. 

We would like to honour our Veterans by acknowledging the tremendous attributes and qualities that lend to a veteran becoming a fantastic franchisee:

  • Veterans are well trained and train well - franchisors don't have the learning curve with veterans as most franchisees invest in a franchise system.
  • Veterans know how to wake up and go to work - they have the motivation and are used to being accountable.
  • Veterans are accustomed to wearing a uniform - a Veteran brings pride in a team effort, understands the value in the commitment to a "brand" and stands for something bigger than personal gain.
  • If you can run a battle or a war, you can run a business.
  • Goodwill associated with Veterans - Franchise Brands benefit from having Veterans in a franchise system.  People appreciate and have gratitude for veterans which translates to a better, stronger brand.  Franchisors want Veterans to be a part of their system and will offer benefits to entice the relationship.  In addition, Veterans are offered a wide range of financing, business resources and tools that non-military franchisees do not have access to.
  • Following systems, rules and procedures are the norms - this focused, regimented understanding of following systems is paramount to why Veterans have been so successful as franchise owners.
  • Veterans can handle gunfire, dropping bombs and a landmine, handling a customer complaint is child's play.
  • Starting a business is a lot easier than BOOT CAMP!
  • Understand risk & reward.
  • Understand planning your work and working on your plan.

We believe in our Veterans! To HONOR YOU, we have arranged for a 10%-20% (Depending on the franchise brand) discount to all U.S. Veterans that invest in a franchise over the next 12 months.


For more information on Franchises that offer Veteran Franchise Programs, Contact Us.

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