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Bar-B-Clean offers a proven system to help you build a business around YOUR LIFESTYLE
while achieving your Income, Wealth and Equity goals as you offer a necessary service to your clients.
A clean barbecue is a healthy barbecue.

Who We AreBar-B-Clean is a BBQ Cleaning Company that offers residential and commercial customers a convenient, low-cost grill cleaning solution. The service includes a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior of the grill, as well as a thorough inspection of the burner and ignition systems. It’s a service that keeps customers coming back year after year.

Bar-B-Clean was founded in early 2011, from the beginning, it was clear that strong demand for barbecue cleaning services existed in the United States yet no known regional or national system was servicing this huge market.

With tireless effort, development of a thorough cleaning process, effective marketing plans, and a passion for educating the public on the many benefits of a clean barbecue, Bar-B-Clean built its local client base and is now franchising the business to take it to a national level!

Why Choose Bar-B-Clean

BIG Opportunity: 86% of households use an outdoor grill and 62% of those owners use their grills year-round making a periodic cleaning necessary. 54% of grill owners purchased a replacement barbecue which would be unnecessary if they had a Bar-B-Clean service. The opportunities are endless!

Little to no competition in the market: The great part about Bar-B-Clean is there is very little competition! This business model is very new to the market and in some areas, there will be no competition. Don’t trust us…run a web search for barbecue cleaning companies and see for yourself. We are the first-to-market opportunity so you are getting in on the ground floor!

Low Investment: Our Franchise Fee is $19,500. Our low initial investment will allow you to invest additional capital into marketing and building your client base.

Low Overhead: This is a home-based business so no office space or office-related expenses are necessary. In addition, all required equipment will fit in whatever vehicle you are currently using!

Fast Break-even: Bar-B-Clean’s initial investment is low enough that your break-even point will be much sooner than you think. With our extensive training, efficient cleaning process, marketing materials, and franchisee support, you will be out cleaning and making money within a month of signing your franchise agreement!

Strong Corporate Support: We are always here to help! Initial training will begin soon after signing your agreement. From that point on, we are here to answer any and all questions. We also provide many marketing templates and processes for use in your territory. We are also on the lookout for new and exciting revenue streams for you!

Huge Growth Potential: Now is the time! With little to no competition, the opportunities are endless. Not only do homeowners have barbecues, but so do office buildings, homeowners, associations, hotels, timeshares, apartment communities, state parks, etc.

Large Territories: All Bar-B-Clean territories consist of around 100,000 households which hold incredible income potential.

Contact us today to learn more and start making money fast!

Are You an Ideal Bar-B-Clean Franchisee

  • Are you a motivated Self-Starter?
  • Do you have the desire to build and grow a business?
  • Do you crave the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss?
  • Are you a natural relationship builder?
  • Do you love being outdoors?
  • Do you possess the willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful?

Do these descriptions fit you? If so,
Bar-B-Clean is the franchise opportunity for you!

Learn More About Bar-B-Clean

At Bar-B-Clean, we are pioneering a brand new service to the the industry with endless opportunities!!!

To find out more about the Bar-B-Clean opportunity, and how our proven systems, franchisee support, and extensive marketing materials will help you achieve your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals, please fill out the form today.

Everybody that owns a backyard barbecue is a potential client!

Bar-B-Clean is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Interested parties should have at least $20,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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