California Children's Fitness Franchise

In every market segment, there are some franchise concepts that stand out for their ingenuity, uniqueness and ability to withstand not only the competition but a tough overall economy.  It is a franchise opportunity such as this that should be given significant consideration by someone looking at investing in a franchise business, these types of implications could have a large impact on their success in the business if they choose to open a location of their own.

One market segment that has performed particularly well over the past decade is the children's fitness and health industry.  With America and the world becoming more aware of the impact that poor levels of daily activity by today's children along with badly managed diets and overall non-active recreational pastimes, health and fitness have become more relevant for kids under the age of 12 years.

Safari Run is a Children's Fitness Franchise in California that has shown to have the characteristics and depth as a company to
capitalize on this growing market segment.  Over the past five-year time span, the organization has grown by both sales volume and number of clients.  What has helped build Safari Run's business through a difficult economy is the diversity of revenue streams and profit segments within the business itself.

Safari Run develops profit and revenue through five different distinct areas within the business.  As a Children's Franchise, the obvious revenue generators are from parties and events held at the facility itself along with open play times where Safari Run can charge an hourly rate to the kids.

Safari Run goes beyond just the standard Children's Franchise Model though with the incorporation of fitness and health training.  Fitness classes are held for the children on a weekly or monthly basis using new processes and techniques to teach health and well-being along with children's nutritional education.

Safari Run also provides fitness classes for the adults and parents of the kids who visit the location.  In addition to these, Safari Run also has a retail model that supplements the business in its entirety.

Safari Run is primarily focused as a California Children's Fitness Franchise, but the organization will be expanding nationally over the coming years.  For more information on this Children's Franchise, contact us:  (800) 610-0292

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