FMS Monthly Spotlight on Franchises

Each Month, FMS spotlights two franchises that are making headlines and have  been successful in creating news recently.  Franchising is a great business in that will always be a barometer for the small business community and the overall consumer market sentiment.

By keeping an eye on the franchise marketplace, you are essentially keeping your finger on the pulse of what's new in small business.

This month, we look to two very different industries which are extremely unique from one another but share opportunity for market growth and continued demand for their services.

First, we will explore the epoxy flooring industry with REDRHINO:  The Epoxy Flooring Company.  This is a business that has been around for some time, but until recently has been used in only niche markets.  Today, epoxy flooring is experiencing enormous demand.  The flooring solution is used in all kinds of commercial instances such as retail, restaurant, industrial, aerospace and more in addition to a wide variety of applications in residential work.

With rising popularity comes the need for professional service and expertise in how to apply the epoxy flooring solutions appropriately.

REDRHINO is a Los Angeles based company that has serviced the Southern California market primarily for over eight years.  Over the course of the past five years, business has grown enormously to the tune of 150% with a significant increase on the commercial side of the business.

With the growth in market demand, REDRHINO has turned to franchising in order to develop the brand on a national scale and build a network of REDRHINO offices who would in turn provide clients the same quality of services and solutions in different regions throughout the country.

The REDRHINO franchise system delivers a wonderfully effective marketing and business development system that comes complete with lead generation systems, sales processes and a proven value proposition.

Secondly, we look to the tattoo market with Ink Ur Body Tattoo Salons.  The Ink Ur Body concept is based on a ten-year-old business model that operates with two locations in the New Jersey Market.  The franchise system this past week opened it's first franchise location also in the New Jersey market.

There has been a great deal of attention provided to the tattoo industry recently with the release of the newest Barbie (Tattoo Barbie) who is covered in tattoos and proudly shows off her "ink".

This is a big business and grows every year. More and more people are getting tattoos and the idea of a tattoo is becomine less "taboo" with each generation.  Ink Ur Body brings a clean operating environment that offers professional, friendly and extremely professional tattoo services to it's customers.

What's more exciting is that the franchise offers an extremely reasonable initial investment for potential franchisees at less than a $30k investment.

For information on both the REDRHINO franchise and the Ink Ur Body Tattoo Salon franchise opportunity, contact us:  [email protected]

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