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Franchise Marketing Systems was an organization born out of a franchise development background.  The cast of team members that make up the FMS group have mostly come from a franchise consulting history.  The reviews and thoughts on franchise broker groups have been mixed, generally with a tendency towards the negative.

Franchise Marketing Systems has spent the past week at a franchise broker convention in Orlando, Florida working with and spending some time learning about a prominent franchise broker organization here in the United States.  The time has turned out to be well-spent.  Somewhat to my surprise, there are a large group of very talented and intelligent people who comprise this broker organization.  The network consists of serial entrepreneurs who offer brokerage services as one of their revenue streams to recently laid off corporate Americans who are now taking their shot at franchise brokerage. The convention was relatively well attended with maybe 75 franchise brokers in attendance, but with each conversation, my confidence in these professionals grew.

Several national and international franchisors were in attendance at the show and had taken booths there to display their concepts to the franchise brokers there for training.  The presence of a 3,500 unit franchise system at the show helped prove to me further that these broker networks are no joke.  It has become blatanly obvious that these franchise broker networks should not be ignored as a channel for lead development in a franchise marketing campaign.  In fact, one franchisor described to me at the show as saying that they have generated over 75% of their sales through brokers as opposed to Internet Leads.

Franchise Marketing Systems will continue to evaluate other franchise brokerage groups, but the channel has certainly been validated.

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