How to Franchise a Cell Phone Repair Business

The franchise model is an effective and efficient way to expand a business, we all know this and have seen great success in many brands that have entered the cell phone and mobile technology repair market segment of franchising.  

Typically, the franchise market requires that these models have solid branding, a wider base of technology repair services and a business model that is defined and structured for duplication.  

When the cell phone repair market first entered the franchise world, CPR was the pioneer for technology repair services and really ignited the industry, proving that technology repair could be replicated as a franchise model.  

With CPR's success came a myriad of cell phone repair and technology repair service franchises, many of which had better mousetraps than the market leader. UBreakiFix, Cellairis and Lifeline Repairs emerged as up-and-coming brands in the market and seemed to take market share in many parts of the country.  

CPR was eventually sold to a private equity company and renewed vision for growth was instituted helping the cell phone repair franchise add another 63 units in 2015.  

What has changed the market recently is a shift in focus, away from just cell phone and broken screen repair to a deeper and broader service model focusing on Apple and Mac products providing the business with more revenue streams and the consumer with more help for all their technology needs.  

Experimac took the resale market for Apple products aggressively in 2016 as the brand surpassed 100 units and achieved rapid scale.  Brands such as Simple Computer Repair and the aforementioned Lifeline Repairs began to focus marketing and service efforts on Mac repairs and widened revenue streams.  

The math was simple, people were happy to spend high dollars on their expensive Apple computers to bring them back to life and the tech repair franchises benefited from new and unique revenue dollars to the stores.  

Today, the technology repair market is as vibrant and exciting as ever and the time seems to be now to grow a technology repair services business.  

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