Franchising Opens Opportunities For People.

Don’t Focus on the Floor Beneath You, Look Up to the Possibility Above.


When interviewed by Forbes, less than 19% of all respondents in the U.S. said they were satisfied with their job.  In a market where jobs seem scarce, this seems like a lot of people who hate what they do.  How could this be the case?  It’s simple, when you play it safe every day and do what you’ve always done, there is little room for creativity, growth or passion in what you do.
What is it in an Entrepreneur that Drives Them?
Is it the Money?  The Ego?  The Freedom of Business Ownership?  Whatever the reason is behind an Entrepreneur’s drive and commitment to their vision, it is the passion for that goal that pushes them to new limits and heights - passion for their brand, their vision and their own personal accomplishments.
It May Be time to Evolve.
If you own a business and your growth has become stagnant, couldn’t it be time to consider the next phase in your company’s evolution?  The greatest accomplishment a leader could ever have is to replicate their success through teaching others how to be successful.  Franchising would allow you to build your vision and brand beyond what you can accomplish with your own two hands.
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Why is Franchising a valid expansion Vehicle?
  • High unemployment rate means significant opportunities for strong candidates.
  • High levels of activity in the Franchise Marketplace – January was a record month for lead generation by the web lead generation sites, Franchise Show are setting record attendance levels (Miami Franchise Show over 12,000 attendees).
  • High levels of capital sitting on the sideline has become active and people are investing cash into businesses with the increased levels of optimism for the economy.
  • People want guidance, direction and “order” to their entrepreneurial endeavor, more candidates are making the decision to start a business with the support and guidance of a franchisor than to go out on their own.
  • Economies of Scale from a franchise system allow the small business owner to realize the benefits of a larger group while still maintaining the upside of owning their own business.
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