Franchising: Time to Think Big

Think Big, The Rest Will Fall Into Place.


Have you ever met one of those people who is always seeming to think bigger than what they currently are?  They seem to be able to dream effectively and build their life to suit?  You can't help but be attracted to them and want to spend time in their's a funny thing.

In the world of franchising, this idea is bigger than ever.  Those who think big are the ones who build businesses that make waves and create legacies.  Franchising is about big scale, big brand and big market coverage.  Franchising allows a small business to think and ACT big by leveraging a successful business model and combining that with entrepreneurs looking for a new business system.

Does this sound too aggressive?  Is scorched earth too much to think about at this point in your business' lifecycle?  It isn't meant to be overwhelming, for some thinking big is to open several new locations the first year in franchising and to build a solid base of new locations from which to expand further.  For others, it is to conquer the planet with their brand and new widget.  The point is that you should feel your service, product or business offers so much value to anyone you might come across, that you would be doing them a diservice by not introducing it to them.

No one ever made a putt that that they under must hit it hard enough to land in the hole!  Think big in everything you do with your business, push the limits on marketing, inventory selection, training approaches and anything you can do to affect the bottom line.  When you act small, you play small and the results you will get in building your business will be representative of that mindset.

Go into business with a big, powerful mindset and build your business with that same strong approach every day.  Franchising is dependent on this mindset.  The famous franchisors were notoriously proud and confident of everything they did.  Ray Kroc, Colonel Sanders and Dave Thomas all had this "Big Picture" thinking and the results spoke for them.

Of course, don't ignore the details along the way, but thinking Big is half the battle.

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