FROM-US Extends Opportunity Across the Globe

Join this innovative solution for purchases in the USA. 

FROM-US.COM’s concept is simple: allow any customer in the world to have access to any American product on any American website. Many American companies don’t ship internationally and even when they do, the shipping costs can be very high. Another problem encountered when trying to buy on the internet in the USA is the refusal of credit cards.

What do we offer?

Our franchise network allows franchisees:

  • access to the FROM-US.COM’s concept and experienced know-how
  • an ability to use the brand, to get the FROM-US.COM’s assistance and specialized training
  • a general dynamic global communication which is already in place
  • a simplified management through a centralized network
  • an opportunity to manage your own business from your laptop
  • to be part of a dynamic Franchisee Professional Network where you may bring your own ideas to the table
  • to benefit from the uptrend path of International Cross-Border e-Commerce activity
  • to benefit from future ongoing services as added values

What you will receive:

Working under the franchise FROM-US.COM is very simple! The management structure of the activity is centralised by the Franchisor. So, all orders and all customers are processed by the Franchisor’s team.

Franchisees are involved in the following tasks:

  • The promotion of the brand on the licensed territory though intensive web marketing activity
  • Management of First Level Customer Support on the licensed territory (e-mails; phone calls, chat with customers).
  • Profit up to 75% of commission!


  • Theoretical and practical initial training
  • Continuous training
  • Start-up assistance
  • Ongoing support: marketing, IT, HR, accounting
  • Help in the development of a communication plan
  • Animation
  • Evolution and innovation of the concept and know-how
  • Participation in franchisees' quarterly meetings to interact and make strong suggestions

What do you need?

Motivation and experience are the most important qualities for working with us. The Franchisee is in charge of local communication and local customer support management. That is why he or she has to prove capacity, responsibility and experience in marketing communication, web marketing and e-business.

Are you motivated and ready to make money? This opportunity is for you!

Become a Master Franchise:

FROM-US.COM offers an opportunity to create your own franchise network under a Master Franchise agreement.

The Master Franchise Agreement gives:

  • the rights for the Development and Launch of FROM-US.COM Franchise network on the licensed territory
  • access to the FROM-US.COM’s concept and know-how
  • access to brand awareness
  • the opportunity to manage your own franchise network
  • the benefit of ongoing assistance and training
  • the chance to grow your network
  • increased economic performance
  • the opportunity to improve brand image

The Franchise Development is available in a number of regions and countries:

Interested? To learn more Call Today  800-610-0292

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