How to Franchise a Fitness Business

The world of fitness businesses is one of the more interesting and ever-evolving business segments that exist in the global marketplace.  Each year, new work-out regimens, gym concepts and technology come into the fitness industry and redefine the standards for fitness.  Many fitness franchises have successfully taken their business models to the masses through a large-scale franchise expansion program.  Snap Fitness, Curves, Gold's Gym and many others have used franchising to deliver health and fitness to many different markets.


How do you franchise a fitness business successfully?  There are several key ingredients involved in a successful fitness franchise.

1.  Great Business Model - the fitness routine can be the most effective in the world, if you don't have a good model for managing finances, customer retention, marketing and site location for new fitness franchises, you don't have much of a franchise system.

2.  Unique Fitness Concept - The fitness franchise industry is littered with competition.  Fitness franchises are consistenly listed in the top fifty franchises models in the global franchise marketplace.  What makes your "mousetrap" better than the rest and what could be used as a selling point to get franchisees interested in your fitness franchise?

3.  Marketing Model - This is critical for any fitness franchise, how do you get people in the door willing and able to "subject" themselves to your grueling fitness program!?!  Your ability to replicate marketing and sales success will greatly impact the success of a new franchise partner and thus the success of your franchise expansion program.

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