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Junk King is to many the second in command of the high-powered and high-growth junk removal franchise marketplace.  The organization was founded in 2005 by two high school buddies, one of whom had experience working for the industry leader in the junk removal franchise market and saw an opportunity for doing it better. 

The concept of junk removal was generally still a new idea and most consumers and particularly franchise investors needed to be educated on the concept of junk removal and how it could even be a business model at all.  The idea was generally simple, design a truck capable of removing the junk that the garbage pick-up wouldn’t take. 

Hire out the service to residential and commercial clients needing to remove junk from their property and develop a professional image that sells the service. Junk King was a brand that was fortunate to be born out of Northern California where everything tech was infused in daily routines and business. The Junk King leadership team saw one of the primary opportunities to differentiate from others in the market through technology and systems. 

The organization immediately invested in logistics management technology, booking software, marketing tools and automation systems that would allow for scale and offer junk removal franchise investors immediate advantages over others in the market. 

As the system expanded, so too did the competitive nature of junk removal franchising in general.  The market leader was gaining ground and notoriety with more publicity and exposure and continued unit growth and others were seeing the junk removal market as an opportunity and also choosing to scale their businesses through franchising.

Junk King was innovative and forward-thinking in all aspects of its business model and was willing to work with third-party agencies and franchise consultants to support best practices and find ways to expand the model more efficiently. 

In 2012, Junk King hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop franchise recruitment models and an efficient franchise strategic plan for growth.  The organization had in an effort to speed up growth sold a large percentage of its initial franchises to master franchisees and offered large swaths of land to them.

This exclusivity had hindered growth in some markets and created adversarial relationships with some of the master franchisees.  Franchise Marketing Systems worked with Junk King to develop a strategy that would efficiently work with existing Master Franchisees and focus on target markets where ideal market characteristics existed and the franchise buyer would bring value to not only the overall system but to the master franchisees who would share in the revenue model with the franchisor.

Franchise Marketing Systems developed a franchise marketing plan, franchise collateral materials, and a franchise digital marketing strategy and managed the franchise development process with Junk King.  With new qualification processes in place and a dedicated franchise sales team, the junk removal franchise was able to expand significantly and establish itself as a solid second player in the junk removal franchise market. 

Junk King had significant strong elements to offer junk removal franchise investors.  First, the model made a lot of money and had magnificent returns for the investment range.

Second, the systems, technology and operating processes developed by Junk King were literally second to none in the industry, when positioned correctly and sold efficiently, people could see this and would be more willing to execute the franchise agreement.

Third, Junk King’s leadership team was made up of highly professional and experienced management people who could present as executives in a way that sold accountability, vision and experience that would translate to value for the junk removal franchise buyers.

By leveraging these aspects of the Junk King franchise offering, the results were solid growth and continued expansion of the junk removal franchise brand.  Today, the operation has almost 100 franchises covering the entire United States and is considered the absolute number two player in junk removal franchises.


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