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Great ideas are franchised every day. When it comes to franchise opportunities, people tend to think of chain restaurants like McDonald’s. They don’t tend to think of skin care centres. But smart entrepreneurs see opportunity everywhere. They seek out the right assistance when looking to grow their business.

Laser Skin Clinic, based in England, is a terrific example of a well-run business looking to expand through the franchise model and getting the help it needed to successfully implement its franchise growth plan. How did they do it?

The business was founded in 2010 and as it grew, the ownership recognized the potential for franchise growth. People can be obsessed with their looks. Laser Skin Clinic gives patients the “wow” factor when it comes to skincare and treatment. Treatment options include Acne Treatment, Tattoo Removal, Botox, Chemical Skin Peels, Skin Rejuvenation and more.

These services are in huge demand. It was apparent that the right franchise owners given operational support could be very successful in Britain and beyond. Laser Skin Clinic turned to Franchise Marketing Systems to help them build the franchise model.

Franchise Marketing Systems was faced with the challenges of taking a British operation and adapting it for sales in the United State and Great Britain. When franchising a business internationally, the legal, strategic and operational components need to be taken into consideration as to how the franchise growth will be managed and facilitated. 

All of these issues were considered and evaluated when putting together the Laser Skin Clinic franchise platform for U.S. and U.K. growth.

Franchise Marketing Systems developed the franchise business plans, worked with legal counsel on all documentation, created training and operations manuals and procedures, and developed marketing plans.

With the franchise business plan in place, Laser Skin Clinic could offer a turnkey operation for a $20,000 franchise fee. Franchise owners receive training, a private intranet with all the documents and manuals they need at their fingertips, marketing and business development support, and assistance finding a prime location along with lease negotiation.

Working with the experts at Franchise Marketing Systems, a multi-sized business structure was developed to take into account a location’s unique market, traffic pattern, competitive environment, and demographics.

New Franchisee owners could choose from three formats that offered various levels of service and store size to best take into account their particular location and set them up for success. Sizes range from a mobile laser skin clinic to a 700-square-foot Laser Skin Clinic Express to a 1200 square foot Laser Skin Clinic.

Laser Skin Clinic has not only opened more locations in Britain but has expanded successfully into the United States. This business is a prime example that great ideas can be franchised, even internationally, with the development of a successful franchise plan. 

If you have a great idea and a successful health and beauty business that you are considering expanding, talk to franchise development experts who can help you evaluate whether to franchise your business. Let leaders in the franchise space help you create a franchise business plan primed for growth. 

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