The Lost Cajun Franchise Opportunity

The Lost Cajun was founded in October of 2010 in Frisco, Colorado with his late wife Belinda is a southern style home cooking, such as fried catfish, shrimp, oysters, REAL Louisiana Gumbo, po-boys and our signature dessert, beignets! Our customers have been fueling our expansion, as individuals nationwide express interest in bringing The Lost Cajun restaurant to their local area.

The pair had extensive experience in the food service and restaurant business and came to the Colorado ski town looking for the next business venture.  It wasn’t long before they recognized the lack of Cajun influenced restaurants in the area and felt that the food they knew and loved so well could be successful even in a snowy ski resort.

The restaurant model was simple and the operating concept was designed to give visitors a fun, light-hearted and fast casual dining experience.  The menu is entirely Cajun and Louisiana derived and offered at reasonable price points for the market.  Tables consist of bench picnic tables and customers dine in a simple setting that reminds people of a Louisiana restaurant.

The operation is full of personality, good food and excellent customer experience.  Although the model is in one of the most competitive market segments in franchising, there was clearly a niche for the Cajun restaurant model as a franchise

In 2013, The Lost Cajun approached FMS Franchise to franchise the restaurant model and help the brand go nationwide with the help and investment of franchisees in key markets. 

FMS Franchise developed the business model, franchise research report, franchise structure, franchise operations manuals and franchise marketing materials.  Qualified franchise legal counsel developed the FDD and handled franchise state registrations in order to launch and promote the Cajun restaurant franchise.

What became clear to the team of Franchise Consultants as the franchise development process was underway was the competitive advantage the brand had by being laser focused on this market niche.  The entire personality of the Cajun franchise was based around Louisiana-styled food, attitude, personality and way of being….and the customers loved it. 

In turn, so too did the franchise investors and the overall franchise market.  Financials for the model were solid and hit franchise restaurant industry benchmarks making the restaurant franchise an appealing investment with a strong Item 19 earnings claim as well. 

The co-founder of the company was also an excellent spokesperson and understood the process of selling vision and helping people understand the value of joining a brand early on in the development of the franchise model.  Lost Cajun was going places, and if you wanted in, now was the best time to join the franchise.      

As The Lost Cajun began to market the brand in 2014, what became incredibly clear was the amazing volume of organic lead flow that the brand was able to generate.  Without any advertising, there were consistent inquiries related to the model and people in states around the U.S. were showing interest in bringing the Lost Cajun to their homes. 

Over the first year of franchise sales, the model was able to sell almost a dozen new units and firmly establish itself as one of the leaders in this particular niche for Cajun-style franchise restaurants.  In 2015, the organization had further growth through the addition of highly experienced restaurant professionals who invested in the business and supported the further growth and development of the brand. 

Today, The Lost Cajun has locations around the United States and continues to expand through single and multi-unit franchise growth.  The organization has positioned itself well to capture the Cajun restaurant franchise market and lead this category into maturity.  With solid leadership and continued dedication to core values, The Lost Cajun has found it’s way to successful growth through franchising.   

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