LunchBOX (A WAXING SALON) Franchise

The waxing market had already gone “mainstream” by the time LunchBOX launched their brand in 2010. Brands such as European Wax Center had at this point taken a market leadership position and was on their way to 100 units in the system. Waxing was all of a sudden something that people weren’t embarrassed about and by focusing entirely on the service and making the business model duplicable, waxing was much like getting your nails done or a visit to the hair dresser. LunchBOX’s founder, Debi Lane, came from outside the industry and had successfully launched several businesses in the travel industry. Her eye for branding, design and creating impactful, cutting edge marketing messaging had made her successful as an entrepreneur and she saw immediate potential to change the way people viewed waxing. People already viewed waxing as a bit risqué, but Ms. Lane took it to a new level with a professional, well-planned strategic approach to develop a brand that was as “in your face” as you could make it with LunchBOX.
The first location was opened in Boise, Idaho in 2010 and immediately became a sensation for it’s branding ideas, messaging and clever marketing approaches, the local market was hooked and by 2013, the franchise opportunity was brewing. The operating units were performing exceptionally well and generally performing significantly better than industry comparisons to other waxing franchises. Unit ROI’s were surpassing anything out there on the market and the branding/imaging that was being put out by the LunchBOX marketing team was beyond anything the market had ever seen before. It was clear there was a strong franchise opportunity in place, it was then time to develop a strategy for “go to market”.

In 2014, LunchBOX hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop and implement a franchise sales and recruitment strategy to effectively grow the waxing franchise model. Ms. Lane was an early adapter and embracer of virtually every kind of technology she could get her hands on. This included the operating side of the business, financial management, marketing, branding and other aspects of the business model. One of the clear market advantages that LunchBOX had over others in the market segment were the systems, processes and technology integration throughout the entire franchise model. This had to be shown to buyers early in the process and quickly in order to differentiation and show them value within the LunchBOX franchise model. One of the first steps in the sales process was to show franchise buyers the model through a virtual tour and to walk them through the entire model on a tour, then show them the back end of the business model and how the systems were structured to help them be more successful in operating their waxing franchise. Next, the branding and marketing that the LunchBOX team of developers put together was special and absolutely a big part of the franchise value proposition. Buyers needed to see and be explained how this would translate to more business for them and ultimately mean a stronger bottom line. Finally, core business practices were infused with the waxing franchise model to create a premium client experience through industry leading products, service processes and location design all of which were to be explained to buyers in a concise and structured format in the franchise sales process. Finally, the franchise sales process culminated in a presentation of the financials and the strong performance of operating units.

Franchise Marketing Systems worked with the LunchBOX team to develop the franchise recruitment model primarily focused on recruiting multi-unit franchise owners in order to achieve scale and minimize operating and support expenses for the franchisor. LunchBOX was able to scale quickly and over the next two years to almost 30 units and firmly establish the brand as one of the industry leaders in the waxing and beauty franchise market.

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