Magic Bubbles Franchise

Magic Bubbles Franchise
Magic Bubbles Franchise

Magic Bubbles is a premium provider of pressure washing services to residential and commercial clients. Magic Bubbles was founded by Mr. Will Nicoloso in 2007 as a service provider to the South Florida market. Starting with grassroots marketing and knocking on doors, the company quickly made waves in the market and established itself as a leader in the market segment and was featured in several news publications as a company to watch.

Over the years, Magic Bubbles expanded through company-owned growth with new trucks, an office location and additional administrative staff. In 2014, it became clear that there was more opportunity in the market than what could be accomplished with company-owned growth. One of the most significant obstacles was finding and keeping good people in the field who could provide excellent customer service in their respective markets and as the business expanded it was difficult to keep a consistent level of service quality.

The decision to franchise the pressure washing business came in 2014 and the brand decided to hire Franchise Marketing Systems. Chris Conner met with Will Nicoloso and reviewed the model, discussed expansion options and helped in defining a go-to-market strategy for the franchise model.

The Magic Bubbles brand had the following key attributes that were critical in creating value for a potential franchisee which included an incredibly well-presented brand, proven and effective lead generation and sales models, streamlined operating processes and a financial model that showed strong returns in a very short time period.

The Franchise Marketing Systems team of consultants organized the franchise strategic plan, defined territory structures, franchise fees, royalty models and overall strategy for how the Magic Bubbles Franchise would be taken to market. It was obvious there was a significant opportunity for the brand and business model and a path for scale was now in place.

Following strategic planning, the franchise legal process was started with outside franchise counsel through Shipe-Dosik law. A team of franchise attorneys supported the development of the Franchise Agreement, Franchise Disclosure Document and franchise state registration process to file in Florida and other states that showed immediate opportunity for opening franchised businesses.

Federal trademarks were filed to protect the brand and register with the USPTO. Following legal development, the Franchise Marketing Systems operations team developed operations, training and SOP documentation in order to teach franchisees necessary operating procedures and implement franchise training procedures. The franchise operations manuals were developed according to what was collectively determined to be critical for franchisees to be successful in duplicating the Magic Bubbles system.

Once the core of the franchise development model was in place, the franchise marketing system was put in place to effectively market the franchise offering and sell units. Lead generation was comprised of a combination of franchise tradeshows through National Event Management in key Florida markets and web-based lead generation through pay-per-click, portal and SEO marketing.

The results were consistent with expectations and targets for growth as in the first year, the brand sold 5 new units and was quickly establishing a leadership position in the pressure washing franchise market segment. Today, Magic Bubbles has 14 franchise units and is continuing to expand throughout the Southeastern U.S.

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