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Fitness and health has changed enormously in the most recent decade where the days are large, big box weight rooms have gone away and the new smaller, more personable style fitness concepts have taken the spotlight.  The studio fitness industry segment has gone through a significant growth curve with the transition in fitness to a closer, tighter knit community.  This transition has happened for a variety of reasons, first people are busier today than ever before and having a small, tight, close-knit community helps hold people accountable to their fitness programs.  People involved in a smaller classroom setting are able to get to know one another and feel that they are part of a team working towards common goals.  Second, people prefer to work in specialties as opposed to general fitness facilities.  The transition to studio fitness concepts has allowed several brands to become specialized in their particular category of fitness.  Whether it is yoga, circuit training, spinning or Hot Yoga classes, there is a studio fitness program out there that specializes in that category allowing the customer to get exactly what they are interested in when it comes to their fitness activities.  Third, the smaller, more compact and efficient studio fitness model only requires a space of about 1,500 to 2,500 square feet to open a location.  This smaller footprint for a fitness model allows the brand to locate the concept in areas where Starbucks or other high traffic businesses would be located making the smaller locations more convenient and accessible to customers to come consistently and with regularity.   


My House Fitness fits this trend towards studio fitness growth with a unique twist on the market place having created a personal training atmosphere that replicates a comfortable home environment.  The model is compact, simple and approachable for customers with a wide range of fitness goals.  Personal trainers are coached on how to work with customers to help achieve fitness goals while also developing incredible personal relationships.  The entire gym creates an undeniable community mentality and following which brings energy, enthusiasm and excitement around being in shape and keeping on track with fitness goals.  The success of the brand was immediately apparent when the first location was opened in 2010 and a second corporate store was planned soon after due to popular demand and an overflowing membership base that seemed to have endless referrals for new clients….My House Fitness needed more gyms. 


In 2012, My House Fitness hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop the concept as a franchise and organize the business to be able to duplicate the model through franchising.  Franchise Marketing Systems team of franchise consultants developed the franchise business plans, operations manuals and franchise training programs in addition to the franchise marketing structure for organizing the business model.  Franchise Marketing Systems worked with outside franchise legal counsel to develop the Franchise Disclosure Document, handle the Florida franchise state registration and then proceed with a regional franchise marketing plan to scale the concept into markets that could be supported and managed before a national roll out was put into place.  The opportunity for growth was apparent as several other studio fitness franchise brands had gone to market recently and experienced strong growth almost immediately.  The My House Fitness franchise has a unique position in the market, offered strong leadership and had an excellent following already in place. 


The franchise platform proved to be enormously successful for My House Fitness as the franchise sold over 30 locations in the coming three years through a combination of owner-operated unit franchise sales and master franchise sales to larger franchise investors.  The unit growth was focused in the East Coast and targeted markets with ideal demographics for My House clientele.  My House had developed excellent training and support programs to duplicate the business systems efficiently and allow new franchise investors the opportunity to experience the same success that had happened in Florida.  The effect of leveraging franchising on this Studio Fitness franchise model was to be able to scale the business much more quickly and efficiently.  Franchisees invested the capital needed to open the studio fitness franchise locations and then vested owners oversaw the day to day business with passion and conviction that only an owner could have for the unit operations.  Today, My House Fitness is well positioned amongst the studio fitness franchise brands to capture more market share and more opportunity in the fitness franchise market going forward. 


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