Personal Franchise Marketing Can Step-Up Customer Loyalty

Franchise marketing isn’t all about getting together large campaigns and putting them in front of your clients. There’s more to it than that and in a lot of ways, there are more simple ways to up your customer loyalty rather than spending a lot of money on franchise marketing. If you want to grow your clientele , but you’re not sure how, consider some of these keys to customer loyalty:

Be Yourself and Be Sincere

Whether you’re in the store, working on franchise marketing, or talking to employees and franchisees, one of the best ways to connect with people is to be yourself. People love meeting other people, they love sincerity, and they love associating real humans to their favorite franchise brands. If you want to create a stronger relationship with your clientele, encourage your staff and your brand as a whole to be sincere and themselves—so long as it fits in your company guidelines.

Learn About Your Clients

It’s important to encourage your staff to learn about their clients, especially those that come in regularly. Encourage listening and conversation as part of public relations and member retention because that is what they’re doing. Franchise marketing won’t help if you do not know your clients. In a way, when your employees and franchisees get to know who shops with them, you will also know better who to market to when you create new franchise marketing campaigns. However, don’t’ treat these interactions as just research. You want to be genuinely interested in the individuals as people and not just bodies of profit and information.

Be Engaging, Sweet, and Charismatic

People are drawn to those who are charismatic. There’s just something about them. Encourage the ideas of engagement, charisma, and charm in your franchise that way your franchisees and their employees pick up on those attributes. This will effectively humanize your business in the way your franchise marketing does through commercials.

Show Visitors What They Love

If you run a social media page or newsletter, keep in mind the kinds of things your consumers tend to respond to the most. You can find this information out through marketing research. Franchise marketing research will double for interaction research as you find out who your clients are and what they respond to best. Keep your messages online or in newsletters quick and quirky so they are memorable. If you send generic messages, it’s likely that your consumers will forget about them or mark them off as spam.

With that said, some of the best ways to make unique messages that consumers like to read is by talking about national holidays and adding your own kick to it or looking up random ‘national’ dates like Jello Day or National Happiness Day or whatever relates to your business or just seems fun. Test out the responses and find what works best for your business.

Overall, the franchise marketing game is one of interaction, testing, and creating real relationships as a business. One thing's for sure, by the time you have great franchise marketing, you will have people skills down to an art.

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