PHWS Franchise Positioned for Growth

The Third Party Warranty Service and Customer Care segment of homebuilding is continuing to show signs of strength during a difficult downturn in the housing market. PHWS is positioned for growth as the industry leader in this industry.

Nov 16, 2010 – PHWS Poised For Growth

PHWS poised to catch rebound in the Housing Market

The PHWS franchise is the industry leader in builder customer care and third party warranty management. The firm has been working with builders and homeowners for almost 15 years and helps builders provide premium customer care services to their homeowners in an efficient and cost effective fashion.

The current down turn in the housing market throughout the United States has builders and building professionals turning over new stones to find additional ways to save capital and improve the bottom line. PHWS has seen this increased need for builders outsourcing their customer care and warranty management. The large scale opportunity exists from the vantage point of PHWS expanding into new markets during the downturn in order to be ready for the recovery of the housing market.

PHWS has opened two new offices in 2010, PHWS Mid Atlantic and PHWS North Carolina. The firm is also in discussions with building professionals in several states throughout the Western United States, closer to the PHWS corporate headquarters outside of Los Angeles.

PHWS is now working through a franchise program that has a minimal upfront investment for the new additions to the PHWS team. The goal for PHWS is to open several new locations by the end of the year in order to be ready for the housing recovery over the coming years. PHWS franchisees should have a background in the building trade.� They need to understand and fully grasp the importance and relevance of builder customer care and third party warranty management and should be marketing and sales oriented individuals.

For more information on the PHWS suite of services and the PHWS franchise program, please visit the corporate websites, .


PHWS is the industry leader in third party warranty management and customer care. For almost fifteen years, PHWS has provided specialized solutions to builders to provide efficient and high-quality customer care and warranty management.

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