Recruit Guide: 4 Tips of Successful Recruiting

Congratulations! You are officially ready to grow your business into a full-blown franchise. Once you take those first few steps to acquaint yourself with all the ins and outs of franchising your business, you may start to think: how do I recruit the right franchisees? 

Truth is, you are presenting other entrepreneurs just like YOU with a tried-and-true easy-to-replicate opportunity for success. Your brand is already established, and the foundation is already solid. So, the confidence in your business model is there.  Now you just have to consider the strategy to spread the word to find the right people who want to jump on this great opportunity.

Recruiting other budding business owners requires more than just a flyer and word-of-mouth (although those definitely don’t hurt). It requires a methodical approach to marketing, transparency, and plenty of exposure.

Here are a few tips to follow to find the perfect franchisees to take on your opportunity;

  1. Look Internally
  2. Spread the Word
  3. Set High Standards
  4. Don’t Overpromise

1. Look Internally

Sometimes, the best people to take on your business opportunity may already be right in front of your eyes. Take a look at your loyal customer base or talented employees. Do you think they have what it takes to take on their own franchise? With your insight, support, and training, they just might. It is already clear that these individuals love and identify with your brand and also understand the operations, which can fast-track the training process.

2. Spread the Word

Simply put, you need to tell people that you are looking for franchisees. There’s no other way around that. To market your franchise opportunity, you should take the time to create informative resources that educate potential business owners. They will want to know the initial investment, fees, royalties, how many franchises you have, and what initial and ongoing training you will provide.  

Once these resources are created, it’s time to spread the word. You can use many different methods to attract those like-minded entrepreneurs you want on your team, such as:

  • Social Media
  • Franchise Marketing Portals
  • Web Marketing
  • Vertical Marketing
  • Franchise Exhibitions
  • Vehicles, Billboards, and Local Marketing
  • Employee Incentives

3. Set High Standards

Recruiting requires you to be choosy with who you put on your team. To place your business in the best hands, you need to do some screening to ensure they are the right fit. Do they embody the brand? Are they passionate about the mission? Do they demonstrate drive and determination? Do they already have customer service experience? By setting high standards from the very beginning, you can trust the right people to take your business to the next level. 

4. Don’t Overpromise

Franchisors give franchisees the keys to a proven business method - and an opportunity to replicate it. While you may have reached a certain level of success with your first location, every business owner is different. Some may be even more successful, while others may have more challenges. When you are recruiting, stay transparent about your financial history, but do not overpromise. Keep in mind that each franchisor is only given the tools, support, and potential to be successful. 


Once you implement these strategies, you will start to become natural. Remember: you already built an extremely successful business that is ready to launch anywhere in the world! The hard part is over. It’s time to draw your attention to recruiting the right people who can keep your business expanding and reaching many more customers - more than you may have ever imagined.

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