Selling Franchises During the Holidays

If you have been in sales or have sold franchises before, I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Call me after the Holidays" from a prospective franchise buyer or a franchise candidate.  This is not a revelation for anyone who has been in sales and particularly when dealing with large ticket sales like a franchise investment.  The Holidays present a wonderful opportunity for people to put off a buying decision and many times the holiday season is used as a reason to not make a definitive call on a franchise investment.


As a franchisor or a franchise sales person, it is critical that you manage this process effectively with potential buyers and understand what this means when someone says they are going to be busy through the holidays.

1.  People are not "busy" from December 15th to January 5th.  Yes, schedules get hectic, emotions run high with families visiting and travel taking place, but no one is continually "busy" for 20 straight days.

2.  The Holidays do not mean that there can be no follow up with prospective franchisees during the entire time period.  People will often be more open to a relaxed conversation about a buying decision during this time in that they are less focused on typical day-to-day operations that might be in place during the year.

3.  The Holidays are an extremely effective time to establish and develop rapport with prospective franchisees and arrange for follow up in January.  Utilize this time to build a strong start to the coming year.

4.  Fight the urge to throw in your own towel on franchise sales at the end of the year.  Could it be that you are wanting to hear prospective franchisees say they aren't doing anything through the Holidays because you don't want to do anything for the rest of the year?  Stay focused, it is times like the Holidays that differentiate the winning franchise systems from the rest of the franchise industry.

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