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Seva Franchise of Seva Beauty is a leading brand in the health and beauty category of franchising. The brand is the creation of Vas Maniatis and his wife Sonal who together saw an opportunity for the beauty services market to have what today’s consumers wanted in a fast, casual format.  In 2010, Seva Beauty was born and entered the market as an express, simple and efficient health and beauty services business. 

Seva Beauty provided a wide range of health and beauty services such as facials, skincare, threading, light hair care and others that customers wanted in a quick, fast service model.  The concept was compact, simple, efficient and unlike anything on the market at that point in that the locations could be as small as 400 square feet in some cases. 

Mr. Maniatis was a visionary entrepreneur and saw the opportunity to franchise the beauty spa business shortly thereafter.  In 2013, the Seva Beauty franchise was organized to leverage the business model and scale Seva into more markets. 

Seva Beauty hired Franchise Marketing Systems in 2013 to develop the fast-casual spa franchise and support the transition to the franchise model.  Traditionally, franchising in health and beauty had been of limited scope and very few spas had successfully replicated through franchising. 

The nature of the Seva business model and the streamlined operating model made franchising an attainable and effective way to expand the business.  Franchise Marketing Systems developed a franchise strategic plan that focused on multi-unit franchise growth and master franchise modelling to really take advantage of the scalability of the model. 

Franchise Marketing Systems worked with Seva to develop the franchise marketing, sales and development model that would take the system forward to new growth objectives. 

As the development efforts began, Seva instituted a multi-pronged franchise development effort including franchise lead generation through the web from both Franchise SEO, Franchise Pay Per Click and Franchise lead generation portals. 

Second, the Seva Beauty franchise was taken to several of the key markets through the IFA franchise exposition shows where there was an immediate demand for the model and targeted growth for the brand. 

Third, the Seva brand was marketed heavily through franchise Public Relations and media placement to establish credibility and obtain placement in the franchise and small business-related publications. A franchise sales team was put into place utilizing Franchise Marketing Systems team members, independent sales agents, a customized franchise sales CRM platform and an efficient franchise sales process heavily supported with franchise lead management technology. 

In addition, a strategic initiative was developed to focus the growth of the Seva model on locations within Walmart stores.  The combination of the Seva model with the traffic inherent in any Walmart location was powerful enough alone to drive significant franchise interest.  The franchise development campaign was immediately successful and proved that Seva was a brand that would be a leader in the health and beauty market segment.   

Today, Seva has almost 150 locations and is on a plan to expand to over 500 stores.  The Walmart initiative continues to be successful, but growth has expanded the fast-casual health and beauty spa into strip centre locations, high-traffic stand-alone centres and other street-facing locations. 

The Seva Franchise succeeded with effective growth in franchising due to several factors.

  1. First, Seva early in the company’s growth plans committed heavily to technology and systems.  These systems were apparent not only within the operating model but also in the management of the entire franchise development effort. Everything in the business was able to be measured, structured and duplicated due to the focus on could-based technology.  Franchisees had a simpler, shorter ramp-up to getting used to the business and functioning independently. 
  2. Second, Seva Beauty developed the entire business model for scale. The operating model was designed to be modular allowing franchisees to literally receive a business in a box that could be assembled at their location quickly and easily making for shorter build-out times and lower franchise investments. 
  3. Third, Seva’s leadership team had a vision for strategic growth.  The Walmart initiative was a good example of the brand management and leadership of Seva looking for ways to build the organization through smart strategic alliances. 

For more information on how to franchise a Health and Beauty Business, Contact Franchise Marketing Systems.

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