Simple Computer Repair Franchise

Simple Computer Repair Franchise

Simple Computer Repair was a brand that was developed out of personal necessity and a clear understanding for consumer market demand.  Mr. Jim Brock has had one of the most decorated business careers anyone could have and had recently sold his telecommunications company for a successful exit. 

Although he wasn’t exactly looking for new business opportunities for to start another company, the technology repair market segment in a way jumped up and bit him.  He was shopping as a consumer in a big box retailer who offered IT repair services one day when it became painfully obvious that the service options for customers just weren’t there.

IT “professionals” either preferred to sell items to the customer than fix the device in question or they weren’t professional at all and were working from a basement in some residential neighborhood.  Yet at the same time, the number of devices in any household or business was growing each year by leaps and bounds.  The combination of market trends led Mr. Brock to see the potential for technology repair and Simple Computer Repair was born in 2008. 

The concept started as a single retail location in a high traffic strip center.  The unit was designed to be open, highly visible and allow customers see and interact with the techs doing the work in order to create transparency and open communication between customer and service provider. 

Locations were clean, easily accessible and the company’s mantra was to communicate with the customer in a way that didn’t make them feel inept with technology like many IT service providers tend to do.  Simple Computer Repair quickly became a significant player in the Las Vegas market as two additional corporate stores were opened over the coming years. 

With this growth and increasing demand on resources, staffing and operational management, the need to scale quicker and leverage independent business ownership became more and more evident which supported the concept of franchise development. 

The market segment for technology repair franchises was beginning to take shape in 2012 when Mr. Brock entered the market.  Concepts were beginning to open as franchise brands in several markets and there were a couple of industry leaders who initially had taken leadership positions with in the IT franchise space. 

Simple Computer Repair hired FMS Franchise to develop the technology franchise model, create the necessary franchise paperwork and put together a franchise structure that would allow the model to expand into other markets around the United States. 

FMS Franchise team of franchise consultants had worked with several technology franchises in the past and could leverage some experience in the market.  One of the key differentiators Simple Computer Repair had from other technology repair franchises was the ability to provide excellent services on a broad spectrum of technology where others in the market had narrowed into cell phone repair. 

The brand was also tailored to communicate with an older, more mature population in addition to the young millennial.  This made Simple Computer Repair appealing to the people who needed the help and service more than most….Baby Boomers. 

FMS Franchise consultants worked with the Simple Computer Repair team to develop a franchise that also was appealing to those who didn’t have technology experience, but understood retail and knew customer service. 

The franchise market for technology franchises was broad as more and more people were interested in the market segment outside of those who had tech backgrounds, so this focus on business people made the opportunity bigger and the pipeline for new franchisees broader. 

FMS Franchise spent time creating the strategy, and franchise business plans, worked with outside franchise legal counsel to develop the Franchise Disclosure Documents and Franchise State Registrations and built the franchise operations manuals with Simple Computer Repair. 

The FMS Franchise team of marketing professionals then created the content, collateral and marketing presentations to be used in promoting the brand and marketing the technology repair franchise offering.  In 2012, the Simple Computer Repair franchise was brought to market and had the first four franchises open in several large metropolitan markets across the U.S. 

The concept scaled well and replicated effectively with the right franchisees operating the businesses.  Franchise buyers ranged from white collar professionals who were former executives to public service workers formerly serving as firemen in their community. 

As long as people knew how to communicate with the customer and could execute the local store level marketing program, the numbers matched up with projected financials for the IT franchise and validation was exceptional. 

Mr. Brock’s leadership and business experience supported the model’s growth and expansion into more markets and today the concept has over a dozen locations in operation around the U.S.  As the model expanded, several more models were created to support a scaled growth goal through the creation of a Simple Computer Repair Satellite location and most recently a rural technology repair model. 

Both concepts carried forward the same value and core mission of the brand, but did this in smaller, lower investment technology repair franchise models opening up a broader market for the brand. 

Today, Simple Computer Repair is driving for continued expansion and with an enormous growth rate in technology repair, the concept has limitless opportunity for growth. 

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