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How Many Baby Boomers Can You Help With Your SuperSlow Zone Health and Wellness Franchise?

SuperSlow Zone is an innovative franchise that is revolutionizing health and wellness by providing exceptional professional fitness services. While we have a tremendous, one of a kind business model in a huge and high growth industry, we are advocates for adults 55+ years old, and always put our clients first.

According to US Census Bureau, 21% of todays US population is 55+ years old, by 2019, the last baby boomers turn 55, and the 55+ population will grow to 29%. That’s about 90 million people reflecting on their health and quality of life as they continue to age.

The Market is growing with the increasing population of seniors and people in need of specific exercise options related to healthy living without the severe wear and tear on your body.  SuperSlow Zone has a solution for this growing customer base with the proprietary process and platform offering amazing health benefits with the supervision and structure to facilitate safe exercise as well.

The Market needs SuperSlow Zone, according to the International Council of Active Aging:

  • Fitness being repackaging as a disease solution
  • Viewing exercise as a tool to manage and prevent health issues
  • Positive way to promote regular exercise
  • Health plans will continue to pay for prevention, due to rising healthcare costs
  • Health insurance companies are investigating the dollar value of exercise for prevention

The SuperSlow Zone® Fitness Franchise offers a true turn-key opportunity at several different levels of investment, daily participation and unique business models. From a single unit, owner operator, service retail business model, being passionate about making a significant contribution to clients overall health, well-being and daily life style, to building an empire by developing a regional market, partnered with SuperSlow Zone®.  The choice is yours!  SuperSlow Zone®’s three unique business models include retail service, medical rehab and corporate wellness, offering opportunities for owner operators, owner managers or absent owners, depending upon your level of daily involvement. SuperSlow Zone®’s consumer market is adults 40+ years old, including the largest population base in America, the Baby Boomers, all 72 million of them. Baby Boomers today are concerned about their health and well-being as they age.

SuperSlow Zone®’s exercise protocol h
as its roots with a distinguished 29-year history as it grew out of a $3.2 million osteoporosis study in 1982, at the University of Florida, School of Medicine. The SuperSlow Zone System was refined and made contemporary with running a successful professional exercise service with the intent of capturing and servicing client’s for the long term.

Industry: Health, Fitness, Professional /Personal Services

Established: 2004

Began Franchising: 2005

US Franchised Units: 40 in 13 States (0 Corporate Units)

International Masters: Istanbul Turkey and Bogota Columbia

Key Business Features

-       SuperSlow Zone’s Business Model is positioned as a professional service similar to that of a law or medical practice, CPA Firm, Accounting & Tax Services, Financial Planner, etc.

-       Low cost startup offering – Owner Operator, Owner Manager or Absent Owner operating models. You choose your life style.

3 Unique Business Models – Retail, Medical Rehab and Corporate Wellness

High Quality Professional Services business – Quality training with National Certifications and No Inventory = Happy Long Term Employees!

Tremendous Satisfaction of Helping Others - America’s adult population, including the 72 million baby boomers wanting to maintain a quality of health and life style.

Great Margins with High Client Referrals (71%) and Retention (68%)

Lower cost “destination” locations or shared Medical and Corporate facilities

Ten IACET Accredited National Certifying Centers for Front Line Staff to Ensure Highest Quality Professional Service and Control Costs.

Premier US and International Media, Interviews and Feature Articles Blended With An Unstoppable Grassroots Buildup

Primary Client Market …. People that are not likely to exerciser because they are… too busy, don’t like the traditional gym or personal training scene, don’t like to exercise, don’t know where to start and or are afraid of getting hurt.

#1 Reason People DO NOT Exercise today is they “do not have time”. SuperSlow Zone has the solution with our 20 Minute, No Impact, Total Body Workout, 1 - 2 times a week, by appointment only, with 1 on 1 instruction,in your everyday clothes. Providing Maximum Results in Minimum Time!

SuperSlow Zone offers a high quality Lifestyle Weight Loss Program teaching proper diet for good health and quality of life.

Franchise Site Commercial Office Space: 1,000 to 1,200 sq. ft. Average # Of Employees 3 - 5 Employees, Part /Full Time, Commission Compensation Candidate Qualifications codified

Meets Financial Requirements

Quality Team Player

A blend of entrepreneurial, managerial skills and marketing skills (can be outsourced).

Passionate about Helping Others (service oriented health, fitness, professional personal services)

Must be able to devote sufficient time and energy in startup.

No industry experience required

For more information on the SuperSlow Zone Franchise model, Contact Us Today!

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