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As people age, giving seniors the ability to live in their homes, for as long as possible, is one of many keys to good health and happiness. And for many, senior and assisted living housing costs are unaffordable.

Synergy HomeCare is a company that recognized many years ago the need for high-quality home care for the elderly. Established in 2001, Synergy HomeCare provides in-home care for seniors suffering from the physical and emotional effects of ageing. They offer care for those suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory-related disorders, illness or injury, or those that simply need assistance with daily living activities to keep them safe and comfortable.

Whether it’s a senior looking for help for themselves or loved ones or caregivers looking for assistance caring for others, Synergy HomeCare offers services that bring peace of mind. As Baby Boomers age, the need for home healthcare is exploding. Synergy HomeCare is at the forefront of this booming industry. The company turned to Franchise Marketing Systems when they decided they couldn’t grow alone. They wanted to implement a franchise model and needed a franchise consultant.

Franchise Marketing Systems worked collaboratively with Synergy to strategically plan their franchise growth model. They developed business plans and conducted market research and franchise development work primarily related to selling and recruiting Master Franchisees.

Marketing plans and sales processes were created and Franchise Marketing Systems reworked the franchise buyer profile. Working together, Synergy and Franchise Marketing Systems developed goals including selling more units in underrepresented key markets. Investors were recruited and the company began to grow.

With the franchise development model created by Franchise Marketing Systems, the company was able to offer terrific opportunities and reasons for entrepreneurs to invest in the home care industry. Franchisees could enter a recession-proof industry with low startup costs. With the franchise business model in place, Synergy could offer a turnkey operation with training programs, marketing tools, and resource-filled software to drive the business.

Franchise Marketing Systems and Synergy developed a senior care franchise model that enables people with no prior experience in the industry to thrive. In fact, Synergy assigns a start-up coach to every new franchisee to support them through building the business, from pre-opening needs to guidance through state licensing procedures.

The senior care franchise model was positioned well for growth from a market opportunity standpoint and had the business development mechanisms in place to offer franchisees true potential for scale in their own franchise businesses. 

With the help of Franchise Marketing Solutions, Synergy HomeCare has become one of the top franchise opportunities for business owners looking to enter the home healthcare industry. It’s the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs touched by the heartache and stress that comes with caring for seniors in need in the home setting.  Synergy outlets now have 202 outlets worldwide and continue to grow.

If your business is at the forefront of a booming industry and you’re thinking that it may be time to explore the franchise business model, get the resources you need to get to work. Contact the team of Franchise Consultants at Franchise Marketing Systems.

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