Top 5 Trending Industries For Franchising Today

Here are the top 5 emerging and trending industries for franchising today in the USA.

  1. Health and Beauty Industry
  2. Food and Beverage Industry
  3. Services Industry
  4. Education Industry
  5. Home-Based Industry

1. Health and Beauty Industry

What is franchise development when talking in terms of wellness? Many people are asking that very same question as the market for health and beauty brands has grown in recent years. There is massive consumer demand across many categories in this specific segment. This includes hair care, make-up, massage, acupuncture, fitness, skincare, and lash extensions. The branding and digital marketing opportunities appear to be endless in this segment. We’ve especially seen significant growth in franchising gym locations around the world.

2. Food and Beverage Industry

Any franchise consultant will tell you that food and beverage is often a safe business bet. It will likely be one of the world’s leading market segments. As they say, people gotta eat! Some of the most iconic brands to ever franchise come from this industry, like McDonald’s or Subway. Their global presence continues to affect the franchise business model today. Franchising has proven to be one of the most effective ways for restaurants to efficiently and effectively grow their brand

3. Services Industry

FMS Franchise is a top franchise consulting company, especially within the services industry. In recent years, services have become one of the fastest-growing market segments for franchising. It can encompass quite a wide range of models as well, from landscaping to payroll management. As a leading franchise development company, we always encourage a service business to get in on this action. They have high-profit margins and a low overhead, which decreases the general risk involved and makes it more accessible to the average entrepreneur to enter into new markets. 

4. Education Industry

Investing in the future of our society is and always will be an essential endeavour. Children's education in this modern day and age is more important than ever. It’s proven time and time again to be one of the most consistently fast-paced franchise market segments around. People will always want to make a difference in the learning lives of little ones, regardless of their economic state. Creative and high-margin models can benefit everyone when working to franchise within the education industry. 

5. Home-Based Industry

The homes based franchising market is an excellent vehicle for growth. It has become a stable segment over the past decade, and the pandemic pushed its potential even further.

Improving the space you live in is the ideal investment for the current generation of remote workers. Starting a business from the comfort of your own home also offers low overhead and a great potential for work-life balance


At FMS, we’ve seen many home-based franchise models develop and scale successfully, and the timing today has never been better. If you would like to break into the franchise market with any of these trending industries, we recommend learning more by getting in touch.

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