Trendy Cleaning Franchise Is Growing Rapidly

Sold Sold Sold – eMaids Have Sold 4 Franchises Within the Past 6 Months!

Brooklyn, NY – Entrepreneurs are jumping at the chance to qualify for an eMaids Franchise.

Franchised at the beginning of this year, eMaids, is a proficient residential and commercial cleaning service, offering a variety of services. eMaids’ is expanding at a rapid pace and now has a total of 5 locations in major hubs across the U.S. The franchise is now servicing areas in Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Nassau County –Long Island and its corporate office resides in New York.

The company uses environment-friendly cleaning products and offers detailed services, but according to their management team that’s not the only reason why eMaids has taken off. eMaids has a certified method for incorporating new franchisees and says, “We only look for qualified franchisees that will be successful and part of our growing team. As a small company, we are vested in the success of every franchise we open. We treat each franchisee as a member of our family.”

With eMaids being founded in 2014, this makes for impressive growth in the franchise marketplace. The business model has been proven to adapt and mature in some locations where competition is fierce. With more planned openings this upcoming year, this franchise will be considered to be one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

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