Young Engineers Franchise

Young Engineers franchise

Young Engineers Franchise

The Young Engineers franchise system is a global leader in the education market segment. The brand was originated in 2008 in Israel by Mr. Amir Asor. The concept was simple, make education fun, easy to absorb and structured to cover key learning topics. The Young Engineer sessions focused on theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of this knowledge in mathematics, physics and engineering basics.

The Young Engineers franchise model provides an engaging, hands-on learning platform to children and has proven to be an industry benchmark for the education. Target educational goals are achieved by using LEGO® BRICKS and specially designed curriculums designed by the company and which have achieved world recognition for innovation, creativity and effectiveness.

The business originally started with several learning centers throughout Israel which were operated from school locations and in non-traditional locations. The model was low overhead and avoided many of the obstacles to growth in traditional retail-based businesses. Classes were fun, well-received and the opportunity to scale came quickly. In the first year of business, franchise expansion was adopted by the Young Engineers brand and the company began to expand throughout Europe.

In 2009, Young Engineers Franchise hired Franchise Marketing Systems to support execution, development and necessary responsibilities inherent in expanding the education franchise model. The Young Engineers franchisee is responsible for marketing, promoting the education service offering and managing the classes and sessions. Franchise Marketing Systems worked closely with Young Engineers leadership team to develop a global expansion model. The education franchise system was offered as both a Master Franchise model and a Unit Franchise offering. Franchise Marketing Systems organized the Master Franchise Model where the Master Franchise supported, sold and took on the full responsibility of executing the Young Engineers program on a country-wide basis. Young Engineers Unit Franchises were created where the operator would be operating a territory and will be given the full support of e² Young Engineers management team and global network of support staff. The Franchisee benefited from will research, innovation and changes in the children’s enrichment market, while assistance with all professional issues, including marketing, management, personnel and operations, will be gladly given. Franchise Marketing Systems developed the franchise business plans, worked with Franchise Lawyers to create the FDD, Franchise Agreement, operations and training manuals and Franchise Marketing Plans.

The Young Engineers Franchise has experienced global success with the education franchise offering with over 160 franchises in many different countries. The franchise offering was well received as it is a low initial investment, the business model incorporates repeatable revenue streams and a financial model that is high margin/low operating overhead. In addition, the education franchise market segment has grown by leaps and bounds and is pushing growth and new franchise interest into the space each and every month.

With strong leadership, a great brand and a proven franchise offering, Young Engineers is in an excellent position to capture significant share of the growing education services market globally.

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