How to Sell Your First Franchise

Are you thinking about franchising your business and wondering HOW you're going to sell your first franchise? Maybe you're a new franchise brand but are struggling with those first five units? If you are currently attending Franchise Expo South don't forget to attend the FREE seminar below and learn more about the brand's Franchise Marketing Systems that have helped achieve that major milestone of selling your first franchise.

How To Sell Your First Franchise – The first step to growing your brand

Presented by: Christopher James Conner, President, Franchise Marketing Systems and Tom DuFore, Chief Operating Officer, Franchise Marketing Systems

In this session, you will discover the reality of becoming a franchise company and making the first franchise sale. Topics discussed include: ensuring your business is ready for franchising, marketing your franchise, franchise lead generation, sales strategies, the franchise sales process, and setting appropriate expectations.

An attendee should expect to walk out of this session with a firm understanding of what franchising their business means and the ways in which to effectively and efficiently get prepared for the first franchise sale.

Why is this such a big deal to sell only ONE franchise?

  1. It validates the franchise concept. Until a franchise system has proved that it can be replicated through an independent franchise partner, it is much more difficult to convince the next buyer that they are joining a suitable franchisor.  This proves it can be done in a new market and with a new franchise partner, greatly reducing their risk.  If handled correctly, the first franchisee can many times become the best referral partner for a growing franchise model.
  2. The first franchise sale many times teaches the franchisor as much as it teaches the franchisee how to work with one another.  This relationship is based on the delivery of services and support to the franchisee....many times there is a learning curve for the franchisor on how to become a great franchise company.
  3. The first franchise is a mental hurdle for most franchisors.  If you can get over this obstacle and establish the FIRST franchise, the Second becomes much easier to deliver.  The process of building a franchise organization begins with the first partner, once this has been established, the entire process and continuity of growth get much easier to understand and believe in.

Some current clients that are exhibiting at the show and others that Franchise Marketing Systems have helped secure their first franchises are below. Restoration 1 believes that a satisfied customer goes a long way in the future of our company. Sustaining the loyalty of a demanding customer base is just one part of our customer care.

We will strive to satisfy all of our client's restoration needs to the fullest. Our technicians are always ready to guide you through even the toughest restoration process. In this highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, customer care is very important to our company.

Sustaining a profitable business is getting more and more difficult during these rough economic times. At Restoration 1, we have no problem building and managing complex customer information. Our technicians are always equipped and ready to take on any of your restoration needs.

WOW Scrubs® or Work Wear On Wheels is the nation’s premier mobile retailer representing the top medical uniform manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

At My Guys Moving & Storage, we’ve listened to the feedback from our valued customers and have expanded our moving services to provide local movers, long-distance movers, and office movers. Whether you want to move your home, business, or office to a nearby location or another state, we’re the moving company that can help you pick up and start somewhere new.

Years ago, we started as one of the local movers in Northern VA near Herndon, VA had to specialize in helping families take the next step in their journeys. Today, we’re proud to say we've expanded beyond the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. area to be one of the most reliable and the best moving companies on the East Coast.

No job is too big or small for My Guys Moving & Storage: If you have a few boxes in your home that need to be moved to another street or an entire office that is moving headquarters across state lines, our professional movers can help you establish yourself in your new place quickly and with minimal disruption.

Each of these businesses has a very unique and different business model and franchise opportunity than one another.  It shows the extent to which the franchise marketplace has extended from an industry standpoint, there can be literally a franchise designed for anyone's skill set and investment level.

Growing up, on hot summer nights, hoping that tonight the family would go out for ice cream. It’s what inspired our family to create Sweet Pea Homemade Ice Cream.

Our Mission is to offer a premium homemade ice cream that the community will crave, in an Eco-Friendly environment that the community will enjoy and support, for many years to come. We hope to be the example for other Green Companies that would like to incorporate Eco-Friendly practices into their own business.

If you just found this online and didn't attend the show don't worry we have you covered. Download our franchise expansion guide or schedule a call with one of our franchise consultants to go over how you can successfully franchise your business and sell that first unit.

For more information on how to franchise your business or how to sell your first franchise, contact us.

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