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Education has been a hot button for years. How do you improve outcomes for kids? What’s the magic formula? While politicians and special interest groups debate the issue, A+ All Subjects Tutoring built a successful business by offering students instructional assistance along with workshops designed to tackle life’s challenges. The company doesn’t just address student needs from an educational standpoint but they look at the psychological challenges students face as well. Dr. Nicholas LaBozzetta, director of the company, is a school psychologist, certified teacher, consultant, and speaker with over 30 years of experience. 


Praised by school district educators, administrators, counselors and teachers along with parents, A+ All Subjects Tutoring had built a successful business model helping kids achieve and become empowered in their lives.  Their process is innovative and assists kids no matter what unique challenges they may face, from those with special needs to gifted and college-bound students. 


A+ All Subjects workshops focus on various life issues including stress reduction, time management, weight loss, smoking cessation, ADHD, and more. Workshops are intended for kids and parents. They even offer parenting workshops and workplace wellness assistance. 


With the company’s success came the desire to grow the concept, to build the company and help more kids. One might think the company would just hire more employees and open more locations. But the A+ management team wanted to attract entrepreneurs who wanted to make a living helping children and were vested as a business owner. The decision was made to franchise the concept and the tutoring company turned to Franchise Marketing Systems to help them build their new business model and franchise the education service business. 


Franchise consultants from the FMS team got to work creating business plans, assisting with franchise state registrations, created operating procedures and helped market the education and tutoring franchise. Franchise Marketing Systems built a franchise business model that tackled the unique needs and challenges of growing an educational business in multiple cities and states. 


What started as one location in New York has now grown to 11 locations in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. What’s amazing about this opportunity is that the business can operate out of a home, business, or retail location.  With the franchise plan in place, entrepreneurs receive the guidance and resources necessary to become successful educational business owners. 


For any business owner looking to franchise a successful business concept, don’t be held back by traditional beliefs of what a franchise might be. It doesn’t always have to be a restaurant or retail outlet. Great business ideas can be developed into successful franchise models with the right kind of assistance from experienced franchise consultants in the franchise development field. 


For more information on how to franchise your education business, contact us;

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