Best Places to Start a Business and then Grow

When asked how he was such a productive hitter,  Wee Willie Keeler responded by telling his questioner: “Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t”    At 5’4”  140 lbs Keeler was one of the smallest yet most productive hitters in the history of baseball.  He simply used the strategy of slapping the ball where the opposing players were not positioned. 

He didn’t have to hit the ball out of the park, he just had to make contact and “Hit ‘Em Where They Aint.”

Best Place to Start a Franchise

How does this relate to franchising?   Simply- take the least path of resistance.  Locate your business in a market that has good demand for your service or offer, yet has little competition.

Finding a gap in the market takes time, it also will take discipline.   Rather than finding the hot brand or sexy model, look at your marketplace and look for a need that is being unfulfilled.  Match that unmet need in the marketplace with your franchise.  In many markets matching supply with demand will be a recipe for success.

If promoted properly and vigorously there is a chance that supply creates demand and all of a sudden a single unit can meet need and want.   Getting a good head start on the competition sometime will be insurmountable.

Building awareness and market dominance will keep the competitors away.  Great customer service and a good product will make entering your marketplace a hard road to battle, rather than the least path of resistance.

So when looking for a great place to locate your business, take the advice from Wee Willie Keeler- “Hit ‘Em Where They Aint.” Despite being the smallest player ever to play in the MLB, that strategy landed him in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Although following his advice won’t land you in the Hall of Fame, it can help you build a successful business and become an important part of your community.


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