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BizCard Xpress is a business that was founded in 1995 and offers full-service printing and signage services to businesses and private customers.  One of the unique differentiators that the brand used effectively from its onset was that BizCard Xpress is the only printing and signage franchise that offers business cards within 1 hour to the customer allowing for quick and convenient services for a critical business need. 

The Florida-based company had success with the original 3 corporate locations and was consistently performing at the store level in several different markets in central Florida. 

In 2010, BizCare Xpress hired Franchise Marketing Systems to franchise the business model and take the brand to market as a franchise offering.  The leadership team for the printing and signage franchise had experience in franchising but wanted to leverage the team of franchise consultants and their understanding of franchise marketing and sales strategy in order to go to market quickly, efficiently and effectively with the BizCard Xpress franchise.

Franchise Marketing Systems worked with the management team to develop a franchise business plan, conduct franchise market research and develop the necessary franchise operations manuals and franchise marketing collateral. A franchise attorney was referred to support the development of the FDD and Franchise Agreement and handle the franchise state registrations.  

Franchise Marketing Systems then developed a franchise sales strategy and suggested that BizCard Xpress focus on Master Franchise growth to establish regional support offices. These master franchisees would then go out and support the establishment of retail locations in markets across the U.S. 

The simplicity of the operation in combination with the structured franchise support model helped many people get into their own business through the BizCard Xpress concept and coaching experience. 

With multiple revenue streams, full support service, industry-leading marketing and a management team that is completely devoted to the BizCard franchise partners, BizCard Xpress represents one of the most compelling and risk-averse business opportunities on the market today.

The BizCard Xpress franchise concept was in an extremely competitive and difficult franchise market segment in printing and shipping.  Many established brands and in some cases global brands, existed in the market space and were already well established. 

When developing the signage franchise, it was understood that we would need to take market share from these competitors and needed to define our unique selling position effectively in order to capture the opportunity. 

The concept was positioned as a lower investment, high margin and repeatable model that could efficiently be taught to anyone who would be willing to implement the marketing and sales model and understood effective customer service and relationship management.

Although the stores were quite a bit less of an investment to open than larger competing franchise systems, they could produce significant revenue volume and offered impressive bottom line return on investment for the franchisee. 

The unit-level marketing and business development were proven and a great deal of time and effort was invested into defining how the franchisees would generate business and what exactly a franchised business would do to create revenue for the printing and signage franchises.

The initial franchisees were a success in Florida and the model proved to be straightforward and relatively simple to duplicate.  With this initial growth, rapid Master Franchise expansion was put into place and the brand expanded to 49 units in only 3 years. 


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