Caliber Patient Transport

The Story Behind the Patient Transportation Franchise

Caliber Patient Care is a non-emergency patient transportation company that provides quick. convenient and professional transportation services designed for seniors and built to fill a specific need. As one would assume, the market for senior services including patient transportation has grown quickly and continues to grow every year as our baby boomers and population segments age.

The Calvert family had a long history in entrepreneurship and the father-son tandem had built several successful businesses.

The most recent of which was a shipping and logistics business with one of the major shipping enterprises. After selling that business, the Calverts saw an opportunity in the burgeoning medical transportation field.

One of the interesting aspects of this success story is that the brand started as a franchisee. Like many success stories in franchising. this franchisor started out as a franchisee. realized the power in the business model and felt that they could do a better job in franchising after experiencing the franchisee side of the business relationship.

The business model originally opened as Medex in Nashville, Tennessee and in only two short years had grown to an impressive business with a fleet of vehicles transporting elderly patients around the city to hospitals. doctor's visits and other appointments.

Mr. Calvert Sr. was an operator at heart and  still drove many of the routes himself, but his experience in managing logistics and shipping businesses allowed the business to scale and grow quickly in a market segment that lacked organization and structure.

What helped Medex in addition to this experience was the combination of grey hairs with young and technology savvy Mr. Calvert Jr.Kyle Calvert understood branding. image and the new age of business, so together, the two created a dangerous tandem of business leadership.

In just over a year of business, the Calverts looked to franchise the Medex business model and saw an opportunity to open the model in new markets. The consumer business was large and growing and certainly too much for corporate resources to handle. The first order of business was to look at branding and how a national or global expansion model would impact the current brand presentation.

Trademark issues prohibited the Medex brand from being protected Federally. so the entire company was rebranded asCaliber Patient Care.

Where some businesses may have languished and been slowed by emotional hardship during this change, the Calvert's embraced the decision and revamped the entire face of the organization including the digital presentation. vehicle signage printed collateral and another related branding.

Under the Caliber Patient Care brand, the organization hired FMS Franchise to build, design and structure the company to be franchised.

FMS Franchise provided franchise consulting and management services to Caliber needed to implement a franchise strategy that could take the system to market, present the brand and sell the vision of the organization to the right franchisees.

Along with this strategy, FMS Franchise recommends qualified franchise attorneys provide franchise legal counsel and franchise registration support to register the Caliber franchise brand in the appropriate states. Franchise training and operations manuals were developed to structure and organize the business model to be taught and trained to new franchisees.

The franchise marketing and sales model was developed then coordinating the consumer-facing brand with the messaging, presentation and professionalism that Caliber had become known for.

Under the direction of the Calvert's and with the support of FMS Franchise, the marketing and sales model was implemented nationwide. Franchise brokers, web-based lead generation and strong direct franchise marketing strategies were implemented and within two years, the organization had expanded to almost so locations throughout the country.

Caliber franchisees were well capitalized. Business-savvy marketing and sales-oriented professionals in most cases saw an opportunity within the Patient Transportation market and leveraged the Caliber model to duplicate success in their markets. As the business grew. so too did the strategic initiatives that were developed from Nashville at the headquarters.

Amazing national opportunities were developed which benefited all franchisees and grew the brand and business exponentially. Technology, systems and infrastructure were added as the business growth demand edit and today, Caliber stands truly at the forefront of the entire industry segment.

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