Caring Matters Home Care Franchise Opportunity

Caring Matters Home Care was a leader in government funded home care services in the Reading, Pennsylvania market.  The company was dedicated to providing safe and professional health care in the comfort of people’s homes and was founded by nursing professionals who wanted to provide better care for our elderly. From young mothers who need extra help, to those suffering from injury, disease, or physical and mental challenges, Caring Matters was there and was making a difference for their customers.   


The company was founded in 2002 in Reading, Pennsylvania by Russell Piper, a man whose life experiences guided his work and his passion. Russell’s father suffered from dementia and was cared for by his mother for years. While Russell and his grown siblings were living out of town, Russell’s mother underwent emergency surgery, leaving nobody at home to care for Dad. Russell’s father temporarily ended up in a nursing home. During his brief time there before Russell and his siblings could return home to help, Russell’s father suffered from a skin breakdown, a urinary tract infection, and a respiratory tract infection, health issues he never experienced while being cared for at home. It was seeing first-hand what happened to his father that gave Russell a passion for helping people. He spent two decades in the nursing field and, recognizing the need for in-home care for young and old, founded Caring Matters.


The need for compassionate care was exploding and because of this, Caring Matters was booming with it. With 250 employees, Caring Matters was changing the landscape for medical care in the Reading area, keeping people in need safely in their homes, relieving the stress caregivers face daily, and giving anyone from new moms to handicapped seniors hope, relief, and well-being.


The company was successful in Reading, Pennsylvania and wanted to expand. They saw an opportunity to remake the home health care industry nationwide and to bring their much needed services to thousands of families across the country. However expanding brought roadblocks the company had difficulty overcoming on their own.


In 2010, Caring Matters turned to the franchising experts at Franchise Marketing Systems to expand their senior care model.  The senior services market was expanding and franchising had been proven to be successful for several other in-home senior care franchise brands.  Although the market was competitive, the Franchise Consultants from Franchise Marketing Systems felt confident that the differentiators that Caring Matters was founded on could make a difference and offer competitive advantages for the brand in the franchise marketplace.   


Working with Franchise Marketing Systems, business plans were created, training programs were developed, manuals written, and sales teams were staffed which sold 67 Caring Matters units in only 3 years. Franchising experts worked in tandem with Caring Matters every step of the way, no matter how difficult the challenge. Today Caring Matters has franchise outlets in most major markets and continues to grow.


For those who, like Russell Piper, have a passion for helping people, Franchise Marketing Systems has developed a senior care franchising model that makes it turnkey for entrepreneurs to enter the industry and open a Caring Matters outlet. Support, training, and certification assistance make it possible to start a franchise business quickly and get it up and running successfully.  For more information on how to franchise your senior services business, contact us:  [email protected]


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