Hot Tomato Pizza Franchise

The Hot Tomato Pizza franchise has been designed to deliver efficient revenue per square foot from a pizza franchise and a highly profitable Return on Investment for a franchise partner.

Hot Tomato was founded over eight years ago based on the core belief that starting a business could not only be profitable and successful...but also fun!  Hot Tomato is based in Fruita, Colorado and is owned and operated by Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller.  Both of the founders of the company were avid mountain bike riders and outdoor enthusiasts which have been incorporated into the culture and operating model of Hot Tomato.

The Hot Tomato Pizza franchise model has worked so well, that the business has literally become the centrepiece of the community.  People come to Hot Tomato not only for great food but also for a fun and exciting atmosphere that always brings people together.

Hot Tomato Pizza serves a homemade pizza, made fresh daily.  The venue offers the full menu of pizza, calzone, Stromboli and salads for lunch and for dinner.  There is an outside patio for music and special events. This range of opportunities allows the Hot Tomato Pizza business model to maximize revenue opportunities and dollars per square foot.

Hot Tomato Pizza relies on a compact and efficient operating system that provides food in a fast-casual model in a very customer-friendly, “outdoorsy” environment.  The business is operated by energetic staff and requires management team members onsite at all times.  Hot Tomato Pizza serves food primarily to a dine-in customer base. 

The average customer is extremely diverse for the Hot Tomato Pizza concept.  The menu, atmosphere and business model is designed to attract customers of all age ranges, ethnicities and income levels who love biking and the outdoors.  This blend of customers will help alleviate some of the risks in opening locations in new markets

The flagship location is in a good market being close to mountain biking trails in Colorado in a small town that attracts a considerable tourist trade.  The operating model has about 2200 square feet of indoor space and a large patio used for music and special events during the season.

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